14 Chic Candles to Add to Your Registry—For Every Budget

A wise woman once said “having too many candles is like having too many cats,” but that doesn’t mean couples should forget about this mood-setting accessories entirely. “A candle makes any moment softer, cozier, and more romantic,” says Shaun Russell, founder of Skandinavisk, when we discuss why the sitting room staple is one of the most emotion-sparking registry gifts that couples often forget to add to their list. “The absolute essence of togetherness is reflected in the color, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul, too,” he adds—and he’s not alone in the feeling.

Alex Andrade, founder of Burnin’ for You, the Brooklyn-based label known for its hand-poured, mood-setting blends, recommends registering for a fragrance that can be burned on your wedding day, and even brought along on your honeymoon to solidify memories in a new way. “Naturally, we want to remember our wedding day forever, and since sense of smell is directly linked to memory, lighting the same candle again later will conjure up those special moments time and time again,” Andrade shares. (For instance, Kate Middleton famously lined the halls of Westminster Abbey with Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom scented candles.) As for her personal favorite smell for wedding season, Andrade chose Wild Roses, for its “striking notes of fresh cut roses in full bloom.” 

For nature-seeking couples, there’s a brand that was designed for exactly this evocative purpose. “It’s all about having the scent memory take you to that special place that will always put a smile on your face—I created Outdoor Fellow based entirely on this concept,” says Patrick Jones, whose best-selling creation, The No.14 – Woods, was inspired by a backpacking excursion he took with his boyfriend in Woodstock. “It was one of those perfect trips and it’s great to have a smell that reminds me of that time. Couples getting married have all of these experiences before they tie the knot, so it’s great to choose a scent that reminds them of a something special. It’s all about having the scent memory take you to that special place that will always put a smile on your face.”

Below, 14 chic options for bride and groom (and every budget) that are primed to sweep you away.

Arden Andrews