Bridal Beauty Prep: What You Need to Do When Before Your Wedding


Wedding prep can feel like a second full-time job. One could even argue that you need a planner for scheduling all of the beauty treatments alone. Since that would be certifiably insane, even for the most high-maintenance bride, we have gone ahead and broken down everything you need to be aware of beauty-wise before your big day. Whether you a hard core makeup and product aficionado or someone who has only the most basic of routines, here is what you should consider doing (and when!) before you walk down the aisle . . .

When You Get Engaged . . .
Robby Nelson, Clinical Aesthetician at deme cosmetic, recommends starting clinical skincare treatments such as laser or peels whenever you start planning. While this might feel early, it allows ample time to come up with a tailored plan to fit your specific needs.

3 Months Out . . . 
Celebrity lash expert Clementina Richardson, founder of Envious Lashes, encourages brides to start using a lash serum around this time to strengthen their natural lashes if they’re going to go the lash extension route. It is also a good idea to schedule an appointment for a trial. Set aside plenty of time to experiment with different lengths and shapes, especially if you’re an extension-virgin.

1 Month Out . . . 
Nelson recommends one last chemical peel a month before to allow for proper recovery. Note that most laser treatments should also be wrapped up around this point to ensure healing and optimum collagen production.

Your last color appointment depends on your particular style preferences, but generally about one month to two weeks before is ideal to have everything looking fresh. For seriously stressed brides in NYC, Gaetano Ruvio makes house calls so that you can work on seating arrangements while he paints your locks.

To make sure your arms are completely flake free and as smooth as possible on the day of, start exfoliating your body at least twice a week.

For movie-star looking teeth, you may want to book a professional whitening with your dentist. To be honest, however, Crest Whitestripes also give real results with regular use.

1 Week Out . . .
If seriously flawless makeup application is a priority, professional dermaplaning or microdermabrasion at the beginning of the wedding week might be in order—it will amp up that bridal glow in a major way.

3 Days Out . . . 
Shape with tweezers two to three days before the wedding to clean up any stray hairs on and around brows. Nelson prefers this technique over waxing or threading to avoid any redness or abrasions.

Approximately three days before the wedding is the perfect time to get a fresh set of lash extensions, according to Richardson. They’ll last from first tears during the ceremony until well through the honeymoon.

The Day Before
Mani-pedi time! If nails chip easily but the UV-gel route doesn’t feel right, Essie Gel Couture comes in a variety of bridal-ready hues.

This is also a great time to schedule a microcurrent or lifting facial. The key is to find a treatment that is sculpting and smoothing, but far from abrasive or invasive.

Feeling extra frenzied with nervous energy? Go for a massage. Not only is it relaxing, but less tension in your shoulders helps brides stand taller in wedding photos.

The Day Of
One last sheet mask while lounging in bed before hair and makeup begins will smooth and moisturize. If a little overindulging happened at the rehearsal dinner, slap on some depuffing eye patches to cover any evidence of debauchery.

Written By: Casey Sharbaugh
Photo: Josh Merideth