Jennifer Behr Shares How to Accessorize an Intimate or Virtual Wedding

By Shayna Seid

As brides and couples everywhere are shifting their wedding plans to more intimate or virtual spaces, they might also have to shift their bridal accessories vision, and that’s why we called famed accessories designer Jennifer Behr to find out the best ways to style earrings and headpieces for backyard, City Hall, and Zoom celebrations. Jennifer’s pieces have been seen on celebs like Hilary Duff and Hailey Bieber—who both wore her designs for their wedding weekends—Lady Gaga, Ashley Graham, and more, and OTM Brides cannot get enough of her designs.

“I know some people have decided to do a low-key wedding now and maybe a larger party later. We’re also hearing that some people are saving their big ballgowns for that party—something that’s much more extravagant,” Jennifer says. “I think that if you’re going for a simpler dress now, that then having a really special accessory is a way to elevate it into more of a bridal look.” That’s exactly what OTM Bride Taylor Rathus chose to do with a pair of Jennifer Behr earrings at her backyard wedding.

Below, Jennifer shares more of her accessorizing tips, trends, where she finds inspiration, and more:

What are some of your favorite bridal pieces for intimate weddings?

“We have a whole section of ‘voilettes.’ It’s really just a headband with a simple veil over the face that can be a way to make a less formal dress feel really special without wearing a fingertip or even a cathedral veil…I think a headband is also a nod to a bridal tiara without being more formal, and the more delicate headbands feel modern.”

OTM Bride Taylor Rathus in Jennifer Behr earrings.

And how should people think about accessorizing for virtual or Zoom weddings?

“When you’re picking your accessories, you really want to think about waist-up because that’s what is in all of your photographs. I think a headband or earrings can be really great. A lot of the crystal ones can bring a sparkle. It’s kind of like putting on makeup; it brings a lot of light to the face.”

“I think you want to wear something special, especially if you’re sitting on a Zoom call with 27 squares of people. You do want to dress up and make it a special moment for you. You might want to wear earrings that are a little bit bigger. Really small things tend to disappear on a screen. Something at least medium to large will be more visible, and the same thing can be said with a headband that adds a little height.”

OTM Bride Alexandra Holtzman in Jennifer Behr earrings.

What is a bridal accessories trend that you’re seeing?

“I think people are becoming really individual, which is nice. I think that is what the trend is. One of the things about the pandemic is that it’s made people think about what they really want and maybe become a little more intimate in their decisions. I think they’re picking things in fashion and in bridal that really make them feel good because they’re not having big public displays as much right now, so I think that’s really lovely and that’s when you see people really connect with what they’re wearing and their ceremony. People have a very emotional response to a lot of our pieces. An accessory is something you can make really personal, just because of the nature of it. I don’t think people have to wear something that’s overly simple either. You can still wear a gown and a special headpiece and have something that feels like yourself.”

Where do you find your bridal inspiration?

“I love looking at ’60s wedding photographs. I feel like it was such an amazing time for weddings. Fashion was so exaggerated then; it was super fun, and I think it was joyful and hopeful. There was a lot going on culturally; it was kind of a moment of freedom after the ’50s. It felt futuristic and forward. Certain people say they don’t want their photos to look dated in 10 years, I don’t think that’s something to worry about. I think whatever we do now is going to look of-the-time and there’s a beauty in that as well, and you should embrace it.”

How can brides incorporate their “something blue” with accessories?

“I love our Tori Headband in the Storm color. I think that hammered silk material is really gorgeous. We also have a number of blue bows, which I think could be really pretty. We have the Naomi Bow in Lake, which, especially for fall, is in a great velvet—I love blue velvet.”

We were drawn to and intrigued by the Elaine Veiled Bucket Hat, can you tell us how that piece came to?

“People have loved it. I didn’t know how people were going to react to it. Veils are something that we’ve done for years. It’s a real part of our DNA. With the bucket hat trend, it was just a very logical thing for us to put a veil on it. I do think Dior ended up doing them as well, but those things happen. They say that veiling is airbrushing for the face—it just makes everything look really elegant and kind of blurs the lines a little bit. We’re also selling them in black and black pearl. It’s definitely not just brides who are wearing them. I could see it at a courthouse wedding or at a number of places.”

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