6 Don’ts You Need To Know Before D.I.Y.-ing Your Makeup On Your Big Day

Ever since Kate Middleton famously did her own makeup on her royal wedding day, going the DIY route has become more and more popular. So, we talked to a beauty expert—and the founder of the acclaimed organic brand RMS Beauty—Rose-Marie Swift about what you need to know before going it alone.

With over 35 years of experience in the business, Swift’s portfolio includes everyone from Demi Moore and Sofia Coppola to Gisele and Miranda Kerr. She launched her own company in 2009 after discovering that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals, brought on by her work in the beauty business. This harrowing experience led her to create her own brand and become an outspoken advocate for women—working to educate them on how they can protect themselves from the dangerous toxins found in products many use on their bodies daily. Here, the makeup artist who always seems to have women’s best interests in mind, shares the six don’ts you need to be aware of before deciding to do your own makeup on your big day.

Rose Marie Swift
Rose-Marie Swift

(1) Foundation: “Most people don’t match their foundation properly to their skin tone or they apply it too thick and do a full face of it where it isn’t needed. Less is more, always.”

(2) Concealer: “When someone has discoloration (usually a blue hue) under their eyes the last thing you should do is make your concealer paler then your skin tone. People love to put a really pale concealer on that area and all you do is make it look grey. Instead, apply a salmon-toned concealer that color corrects the blue hue. Also concentrate on just the discolored area NOT the whole under eye area. The discoloration itself needs to be changed  not the whole under eye area or all you accomplish is changing the overall color tone to a different one and the result is that the under eye bags are still there.”

(3) Contour: “Today’s contour is being done all wrong and women look like they have slapped a chocolate bar down the side of their faces . . . wrong . . . wrong . . . wrong! Contour first of all should be the same color as any natural shadow that appears on the face—it should not be orange, sparkly, and should not be shockingly obvious. Remember, it is a subtle shadow to shape and lift the face. Do not mix up the look of lighting in a photograph, thinking that is contour. That is lighting and bone structure. Take it easy.

(4) Powder: As the skin matures, you should stop wearing powder. Powdered mineral lines (particularly baked) are dry looking and will age the skin terribly over long term use. I prefer cream foundations as they moisten the skin better, and if powder is needed, apply through the T-zone area only.

(5) Bronzer: I hate powder bronzers. Powders can be drying, over-sparkly, orange based, and unnaturally “flat and dirty looking.” Mostly, this happens when you’ve confused the placement of bronzer and apply it like a contour. Cream bronzer allows the skin to look light-reflective and moist giving an appearance of actually being sun-kissed. Again, do not apply this like contour. Instead, apply it over the elevated areas of the face, where the sun would naturally hit your features.

(6) And, the biggest wrong of all is . . . not taking it all off. Never, and I mean never, go to bed with your makeup on. The synthetic chemicals and alcohols will ruin your skin, dry out both the eye lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes, and cause premature aging. Do not get into this bad habit—especially in the lead up to your wedding day!


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