Area Designer Beckett Fogg Wants to Wear A Dramatic, Vintage Dress on Her Wedding Day

Beckett Fogg, the co-founder of Area, the clothing line frequently spotted on Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Beyoncé, first met her fiancé James Palmer Beaulac at a Tribeca party in 2010, when he comically introduced himself as a “head editor at Vogue.” “He thought we looked fashionable and that it would be a funny pick up line,” she says. After he revealed his true identity (he works at Barclays, not Vogue), the two hit it off and continued dating for eight years.

Then last year, during Paris Fashion Week, Beckett was at a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund party when a friend asked her to meet up at another place close by. Instead of rendezvousing with her friend, James had flown to Paris as a surprise and was waiting for her with a diamond ring.

While the couple is based in New York, Beckett always knew she wanted to get married in Lexington, Kentucky, where she grew up. After choosing a date in October—“it’s my favorite time because it’s the month when all the horse racing happens,” she says—the couple hired planner Melody Rodgers of Refined Social Events to help with planning their reception at the Idle Hour Country Club. “I always said I would never get married at the country club and guess what? Once you get over a certain number of people, that’s what you have to do.”

Beckett initially didn’t think she was going to have a big wedding—or even a big ring for that matter. “I really thought I wanted something very, very small,” she says when showing off her center diamond with trillions on the side. “But then I went and tried on rings and once you see what they look like on your hand, I ended up with something so different than what I originally thought I would go for.” The same applied to her wedding’s guest list. “I have a very large family and they will all be there,” she adds. “We have so many friends, too, and we tried to keep it small, but then we just abandoned that idea. We want everyone to be there.”

Since she’s a fashion designer herself, finding her wedding dress proved to be the most difficult part of the entire planning process. After Beckett couldn’t find anything she liked in the bridal market, her Area partner, Piotrek Panszczyk, sketched something out for her. “I should have started a lot earlier to be honest,” she says. As for what it will look like, don’t expect the lamé fabrics and cut-outs that you usually see in Area designs. For her big day, Beckett is even departing from her usual silhouettes. “I typically wear a lot of blouses, but I think I’m going for something slightly more dramatic and a bit vintage,” she says.

Inspired by both her former and current bridal leanings, we styled Beckett in two NET-A-PORTER Modern Bride dresses. The long Alaia knitted gown caters to her more minimalistic inclinations, while the other dress by The Row is a modish throwback to the swinging sixties. If, like us, you can’t pick a favorite, just shop them both in the slideshow below.