Fantasy Styling Ariana Grande’s Wedding Dress

It could be said that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were the the original couple behind this summer’s string of celebrity whirlwind romances. After only a couple weeks of dating, the pint-sized singer and SNL comedian got engaged, moved in together, and continued to show off they were still very much in the honeymoon period of their relationship with PDA-filled appearances on and off the red-carpet. “I never thought I’d meet anyone like her. I can’t even put into words how great of a person she is. I could cry,” Davidson said in a recent interview.

While their wedding is still very much in the early planning stages—Ariana recently revealed it’s not going to happen until next year at the earliest—we couldn’t help but start daydreaming about what the Sweetener singer should wear to her big day. Like most of the things Ariana does, her wedding dress has to be all about the drama, so a full-skirted ball gown is most likely the way to go. Ditto for her accessories, the blingier, the better. And as for her hair? Can you really picture her wearing anything but her signature pony? Below, everything we think Ariana Grande should wear during her wedding weekend to Pete Davidson.