The 21 Best Bridal-ish Looks From New York Fashion Week

Brock Collection

“This was meant to be the New York Fashion Week that wasn’t,” wrote Sally Singer on“Plagued as it was from the outset by a rash of high-profile defections to Paris and London, a slew of retreats from the runway to the showroom, and the usual confusion over which season one should be showing anyway. Add to that the more persistent and meaningful confusion about the fate of our democracy, the fate of the earth generally (and specifically in the Caribbean/Florida), and it becomes darn hard to muster the usual enthusiasm for front row scenesters, backstage beauty antics, paparazzi hordes, and (of course) yet more new clothes.” Boy was she right.

But, the show must go on as they say. And, so it did. Our takeaways from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 were as follows: (1) There was more diversity on the runway this season, which we loved. (2) Brock Collection is still our favorite! (Side note: We covered the designers, Laura and Chris Brock’s wedding way back when. (3) Kaia Gerber made her runway debut at Calvin Klein and the verdict is in: She’s stunning but also seems super cool. (4) Tory Burch’s Instagram-perfect garden party at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum was the prettiest thing we’ve seen in a while and so fitting on the heels of her equally gorgeous AD cover. (Have you seen it? #Goals.) (5) We’re not quite sure how we feel about Ralph Lauren showing his collection amidst his luxury car collection—including a $40 million dollar Maserati—while a large part of the country is grappling with the after-effects of two major hurricanes. (6) And, Marc Jacobs still knows how to close out the week with a bang, even if in this case it started with silence.

And, as with every fashion week, we couldn’t help but mentally earmark the looks we loved that lent themselves to bridal while taking it all in. And so, here, we give you what we think are the 21 best dresses for brides-to-be from NYFW Spring 2018.