Walk Down The Aisle In Style: Our Favorite Shoes From OTM Brides

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is an important part of wedding planning that can easily be left to the last minute. OTM bride Brooke Botsford remembers what she would wear on her feet not even crossing her mind until the day her first dress fitting rolled around—“my mom had to stop by Bergdorf Goodman on her way to the bridal salon to pick some up!” For others, they’re one of the most important aspects of the wedding day look. A recent bride told us she actually picked her heels and her hat before deciding on anything else! Whether choosing your footwear is a top priority or the least important thing on your list of to dos, one thing is for sure: You shouldn’t leave it to the last minute. You want time to break these babies in—plus, they should definitely be the shoes you wear when you go to get your gown altered.

Just like with your dress, honing in on the right ones can take longer than expected, so we’ve pulled together a slideshow of some of our favorite wedding shoes worn by OTM brides to help you get inspired. Obviously, you want a pair that’s wedding appropriate, comfortable, and ideally can be worn again—so we’ve kept all of this in mind. And whether you’re looking for a classic heel, chic flats, or a non-traditional shoe that really makes a statement, we’ve got you covered.