18 Chic Wedding Shoes for the Ceremony and Forever After

By Alexandra Macon

Sex and the City

Your wedding shoes are likely the most important accessory you’ll wear on your big day (other than your rings, of course). The options are endless—and it can be difficult to settle on the ones because the truth is these shoes need to check a lot of boxes. For starters, they have to look good and feel good. Like with your future spouse, it’s smart to get you a shoe that can do both. It’s also worth considering: Is your significant other significantly taller than you? (I didn’t really take this account and am still a bit annoyed by how short I look in my wedding photos.) Will your first dance be on a lawn? (We all know it’s no fun hobbling through grass in heels.) Is comfort of the utmost importance or are you searching for something that’s a little frivolous and fun—and shows that you’re anything but a cookie-cutter bride? (If so, make sure you wear them around the house a lot beforehand.) Whatever your criteria may be, we’ve got you covered with 18 chic wedding shoes that aren’t just good on paper—they’ll look great on your wedding day . . . and even long after the honeymoon is over.