The Best Date Night At Home Ideas (and What to Wear) Inspired by Our Favorite Romantic Movies

By Anny Choi

Any other Valentine’s Day we might have made a dinner reservation somewhere special or planned a romantic getaway for two. Seeing as many of us are still spending most of our time at home, we’ve decided to take inspiration from some of the most romantic movies of all time for date night ideas at home—and close to home. Picking up your favorite takeout with a loved one is always a good idea, and for the lucky few, why not treat yourself to a staycation at a local hotel?

And for the single ladies? Gather up your girlfriends for a rom-com movie night! From the latest Crazy Rich Asians, and Call Me By Your Name–swoon!–to good old classics, Love and Basketball and Pretty Woman, here, 9 date night ideas and looks to recreate from home this Valentine’s Day weekend.

When Harry Met Sally

Order in from your favorite takeout restaurant for a casual night in. A pastrami sandwich from New York City classic Katz’s Deli might just be the orgasmic dinner you’re looking for. Wherever you may be, just make sure to pick a local favorite that you’ve both tried and love for no unexpected surprises on this special day.

Pretty Woman

For those who prefer a little more action, bring your best outfits for a staycation. Dress to the nines in your little red dress, take a luxurious bath only wearing diamonds, and don’t forget to bring a mask to match wherever you go!

Crazy Rich Asians

Book yourself a relaxing staycation weekend at your local hotel. Pack only the comfiest clothes, never leave your bed, and treat yourself to a weekend of room service—bonus points, if the kitchen has dim sum.

Call Me By Your Name

How about a Call Me By Your Name-inspired homemade Italian dinner? Bring out your special plates and cutlery for the occasion but no need to change out of your pajamas. Watch the sunset together, or better yet, take a bike ride around your local park—unless a stroll around the Italian countryside is an option, of course.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Invite your best friends and your lover (who likes you “just the way you are”) over to cook a fabulous meal and drink copious amounts of wine. Everyone can bring a new recipe to try and pray nothing turns blue. Bring out your best kitchenware for the occasion and a mini skirt paired with your comfiest sweater will make a flirty combination for this intimate dinner party.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Karaoke night at home anyone? Take cue from Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding and belt out to your favorite tunes. It’s also a fun activity if you’re spending time with your significant other’s or your family. Trade in your sweatpants for this preppy mini dress and cardigan combo.

Love & Basketball

If you want to try something a little outside of the box, book yourself an activity you can enjoy together. Whether that be basketball, a day spent playing tennis, or even going for a run together; a physical activity will get your endorphins pumping! You can then spend a relaxing evening together dressed in your sexiest loungewear.

Something New

Take a chance (if you’re somewhere where the weather isn’t freezing), and head outside for a date! Set up a backyard picnic on a comfy throw with a bottle of your favorite wine or bubbly, and reminisce about how far you two have come as a couple—even if you just met recently! Why not?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

In need of an occasion to dress up? Put on your slinkiest dress, some borrowed diamonds perhaps, and sign up for a virtual cocktail-making class. Try your best French Kiss recipe to start, and end the evening with an espresso martini.