10 Independent Female Jewelry Designers Have Come Together to Rethink the Engagement Ring with De Beers’s New Ten/Ten Project

By Cathleen Freedman

When imagining symbols of love, several images might come to mind. Flower bouquets and chocolate boxes, perhaps—but these are ephemeral tokens. No tangible symbol of love is as prominent or as permanent as the diamond ring. In 1948, De Beers coined the phrase, “A diamond is forever,” and it’s true. The diamond ring is the ultimate symbol of enduring commitment. It’s classic, timeless, and now, reinvented.

The De Beers Group-supported Ten/Ten capsule collection offers a modern take on the iconic diamond ring. They selected ten of the most sought-after independent female jewelry designers and asked them to re-imagine the traditional engagement ring. In fact, the Ten/Ten collection re-defines the engagement ring, naming it a “commitment ring” instead. The commitment ring better signifies what this landmark piece of jewelry actually represents: everlasting love.

The Ten/Ten designers are all female creatives that you’re likely already stalking on Instagram or whose designs you’ve earmarked in magazines. Think: ALMASIKA, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Bea Bongiasca, Harwell Godfrey, Lola Fenhirst, Marla Aaron, Michelle Fantaci, Pamela Love, Platt Boutique Jewelry, and WWAKE. The collection launched on January 18th, and now, you can peruse and purchase the innovative commitment ring designs from these ten women.

Do you prefer the bold and vivid designs by Harwell Godfrey? Or ALMASIKA’s stackable geometric look? Perhaps you covet the sparkle of Platt Boutique’s antique look. Or maybe you prefer personal inscriptions, which both Marla Aaron and Aurora Lopez Mejia incorporate in their rings. From Bea Bongiasca’s whimsical enamel flair (one of Dua Lipa‘s favorites, by the way) to Michelle Fantaci’s star motif flourishes, these designers cover an array of different styles. Each visionary has her own aesthetic and perspective, but they are all united in their appreciation of natural diamonds and excellent craftsmanship.

The Ten/Ten collection also reflects what young couples want in a ring today. This generation is less concerned with having an over the top stone size. Instead of overly stressing about the 4Cs, couples care more about their diamond’s “story.” Where does the gem come from? Who mined it? How were the working conditions?

Ten/Ten designer Lola Fenhirst.

And just like today’s couples, the Ten/Ten designers value “the story” of their diamonds. Every stone was ethically and sustainably sourced in Botswana. “It’s incredible to know what mine the diamond came from, who cut it and that those involved are being well-treated,” Ten/Ten designer Pamela Love says. Similarly, designer Lola Fenhirst adds, “As a person of Nigerian descent, one of the most gratifying aspects of being involved with this project is being able to shine a light on the economic liberation story of the De Beers partnership with Botswana.”

The Ten/Ten collection understands the worth of storied and distinctive diamonds, and the designers clearly consider natural diamonds to be gifts bestowed by nature. Perhaps designer Wing Yau of WWAKE sums it up best saying the jewelry is “a connection between you and the earth and every hand that touched these materials.” If that seems poetic, it’s because it is. When you think about how remarkable natural diamonds truly are, you can’t help but marvel. Natural diamonds form deep within the earth’s mantle over the course of millions of years. The jewel is composed of carbon atoms, compressed by immense heat and pressure. They’re the hardest natural known substance in the world. No two are alike.

Modern in design and in purchase, the collection is available exclusively online through Blue Nile for $3,000 to $4,500. Truly limited edition, only ten rings have been made in each of the designs, and every diamond ring is inscribed with its own unique serial number.

A diamond is undoubtedly forever, but the Ten/Ten collection take that even further. An ethically-sourced natural diamond is unique, precious, and beautiful—just like your love and commitment to your partner, making it the perfect symbol for this once-in-a-lifetime milestone that surely you’ll treasure forever.

The Ten/Ten Collection is now available exclusively on Blue Nile.