Emerald, Pear, or Round? What to Wear According to Your Engagement Ring Cut

By Over The Moon

So he or she finally put a ring on it. Congratulations! Now, the next big question is: what do you wear to make that sparkler stand out? We’ve handpicked four looks to complement a few of our favorite carats, colors, and cuts.

For those with a daring emerald shape diamond, an elegant navy blue dress makes for a nice backdrop. For the modern-minded bride sporting an oval diamond, an eye-catching print in an unexpected silhouette might be more up your alley. And, pay no attention to what Carrie Bradshaw said, a pear cut works well with a long, Grecian-like robe dress, while a round engagement ring is an ultra feminine cut worthy of an ultra-feminine pink look. Below, four ways to dress up your engagement ring according to the cut.