Yes, Push Presents Are A Thing, Even For Royals

By Caroline Dweck
Kate Middleton wearing the green tourmaline, amethyst, and diamond earrings that were reportedly a present after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is about to give birth to the next royal baby any day now, and while some are wondering about the gender and name, we’re busy thinking about push presents.

A modern phenomenon, the concept of push presents can feel a little, well, pushy, since we all can agree that the baby itself is the ultimate gift. But presents for a new mother are hardly a new idea, and the idea of a jewel to celebrate the birth of the new child is sweet, special, and in fact, rooted in tradition.

Baby baubles are believed to have been popular as early as the 18th-century, and some extravagant jewels have been spotted in recent royal circles. It was speculated that in 1841, Prince Albert reportedly gave his young wife, Queen Victoria, a “beautiful brooch in the shape of our boy’s crest” after she welcomed their first son, Prince Albert Edward of Wales. The young couple went on to have eight more children, but a special jewel appropriately welcomed the newborn, who would later on go on to become King Edward VII.

It was also reported that after Prince Charles was born in 1948, Prince Philip gifted Princess Elizabeth a bottle of champagne and a large bouquet of red roses and carnations. (ICYMI, they’re her favorite flowers.)

When Prince George was born in 2013, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing two new jewels that many believed Prince William had given as push presents. A circular gold pendant inscribed with their firstborn’s full name, George Alexander Louis, and an eternity band from Annoushka, which she stacked on her sapphire engagement ring—you know the one that once belonged to Princess Diana.

By the time the couple celebrated the birth of Princess Charlotte the next year, Kate was spotted wearing another jewel, a pair of green amethysts and green tourmaline earrings (above), which many speculated were a gift from William. Ella Kay, writer and editor at The Court Jeweller, confirmed that they were designed by one of Kate’s favorite British jewelry designers, Kiki McDonough. 

As for what Prince Harry will gift Meghan to celebrate the birth of Baby Sussex, we have a feeling it will be understated, classic, perhaps have a focus on sustainability, and no doubt, be effortlessly beautiful—much like the mama who will ultimately wear it. Now, bring on the royal baby! 

—Caroline Dweck is a contributor at The Adventurine, a blog about all things jewelry.