How to Make Mix-and-Match Bridesmaids Dresses Work for Fall

By Alexandra Macon

Fall has officially surpassed spring as the most popular time to get married, with September and October coming in at the top of the list. Meanwhile mixing and matching bridesmaids dresses continues to be on the rise in lieu of going the traditional one color and silhouette fits all route. With this in mind, we’ve put together a grouping of ready-to-wear looks that are well suited for walking down the aisle in a supporting role or making a play for the title of best dressed guest. From shiny slip dresses in an autumnal color palette to shimmery gold lamé options and pretty prints at price points that aren’t going to make you rue the day you ever became friends with the bride, this grouping of dresses is curated and cohesive without feeling matchy matchy—and we promise, we’re not b.s.-ing you when we say that these are all looks that can be worn again.