“I Love Love”—Prabal Gurung Brings His Debut Bridal Collection to Over The Moon

By Maria Ward | Photography by

Claiborne Swanson Frank

Prabal Gurung is no stranger to special-occasion dressing. The Nepalese designer has spent years creating looks for high-profile events, from the Academy Awards to the Met Gala. Having dressed countless celebrities, which include Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, and more, Gurung has an innate understanding of what the world’s best-dressed women want to wear on moments when all eyes are on them—and now he is extending that to one’s wedding day.

The Spring 2022 season saw Gurung make his bridal debut. The collection is ideal for those looking to make a red-carpet statement at the altar. “The aisle,” Gurung says “has become the new runway of our lives.” Much like his ready-to-wear designs, his first foray into the world of weddings reflects the same commitment to inclusivity with something for every type of bride.

Gurung has a longstanding history of designing clothes that reflect the times. As conventional wedding dress codes are becoming increasingly second to self-expression, more and more brides are bucking tradition and embracing individuality, his take on bridal is destined to be a runaway hit. “The collection is a love letter to those who are brave enough to love and live as themselves,” he said.

Launching today on Over The Moon, Gurung’s collection fulfills a desire to transcend trends “Over The Moon shares many of the same values as our brand,” Gurung said, “where the emphasis on authenticity is paramount, as well as the understanding that the pieces should be cherished as sacred keepsakes.” Here, Gurung discusses his bridal debut, favorite new looks, and more.

OTM: Congratulations on your bridal debut! What inspired your first foray into the world of bridal?
PG: “I love love. It seemed like a natural step to take after multiple seasonal collections. There is nothing more universal than love, and I wanted to create something that everyone could celebrate.”

OTM: What were you thinking about as you were designing the collection?
PG: “You have to be vulnerable to fall in love, you have to let go, and that takes a lot of courage. To be vulnerable with another is to be brave. When I designed the collection, I wanted the pieces to reflect both sides of the coin—the fierce nature of bravery and the delicate nature of letting go.”

OTM: Who is the “Prabal Gurung bride”?
PG: “Someone who is not afraid to fall in love with others and herself.”

OTM: What are some of your favorites from the collection?
PG: “I love the Cathedral Veil. The see-through chantilly lace both hides and illuminates the bride’s face, creating a very sensual, almost teasing, feel. The Mermaid Gown with balloon sleeves is also a favorite of mine due to its unique silhouette.”

OTM: One of the most exciting aspects of your bridal debut is the ability to rework Met Gala gowns for the altar. How did that idea come to fruition?
PG: “Both the Met Gala and your wedding day are days when the ever-glaring spotlight is shining on you. The dresses are intricately crafted with the same sentiments of authentic performance and phenomenal boldness.”

OTM: You are one of several top designers to break into bridal during this time. Why do you think this is the case?
PG: “Marriage is more than a tradition and it is more than signing a document or exchanging rings. It is celebrating the hope that you will spend the rest of your life with someone—and a hope that a beautiful life calls for beautiful garments to accompany its sentiment.”

OTM: Non-traditionalism and versatility were crucial this season. How do you see them taking shape here?
PG: “We wanted to break against the boundaries of traditional femininity—for more traditional we have lusciously layered gowns, or for a sleek pant we have our Double Crepe Satin Lapel Suit.”

OTM: Why was it essential for you to design a collection that represents every kind of bride?
PG: “Because everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race or anything else can and deserves to fall in love.”

OTM: What’s next for Prabal Gurung bridal, and what do you see it doing for your business?
PG: “I see it expanding our audience as we continue to spread the universal message of love, and continue to experiment with new silhouettes, textures and design elements.”

Shop the Prabal Gurung Spring 2022 Bridal collection here.