Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Prota Fiori’s Sustainable Luxury Footwear Made Out of Apple and Grape Skins

By Shayna Seid

Just in time for Earth Day, Prota Fiori‘s Bloom N2 collection takes sustainability to a whole new level and is available for pre-order on Over The Moon. While we have carried a few bridal white styles from the Italian, luxury label, the latest offering—inspired by a sense of nostalgia for timeless fashion icons of the ’50s and an appreciation of Italian roots and “La Dolce Vita”—features a range of styles and colors that are perfect for weddings. And the best part is that they’re created from upcycled grape and apple skins from nearby vineyards and orchards!

Prota Fiori founder, CEO, and creative director Jennifer Stucko.

Never before have we seen this level of Italian craftsmanship combined with local sustainability efforts. After spending time working for Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and A.Testoni, Jennifer Stucko launched Prota Fiori—which translates to “protect the flowers”—in 2018 with the aim to be a pioneer in the footwear industry, reducing its negative footprint on the environment and encouraging conscious consumerism.

The brand transforms biological residuals from the production of apple juice into a new raw material that meets the standards of the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Compliance. And the grape marc (skins, stalks, and seeds discarded during wine production) from the Northern Lombardy and Piedmont regions are converted into a nutrient-rich leather alternative. “We are the only footwear brand to assemble shoes made up of a combination of upcycled grape and apple man-made skins as a leather alternative within the women’s luxury footwear category,” Stucko proudly states.

Aside from using fruit skins, which reduces the production’s methane levels, Prota Fiori also utilizes chrome-free metal, regenerated leather, vegetable-tanned leather, recycled cardboard, recycled EVA rubber, and organic satin for all of its shoes. And all the footwear is made in a multi-generational factory in Southern Italy’s Le March region. On top of that, Prota Fiori’s packaging features Forest Stewardship Certified paper and per and poly-fluorinated, chemical-free recycled organic cotton.

Today, the brand maintains Pending B Corporation Certification—based on the verified practices and policies of a company—fulfills 13 of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and has a social impact citrus tree garden located in Sicily. If sustainability was a race, which it kind of is, Prota Fiori takes home the gold.

Shop the Bloom N2 collection for July 2021 pre-order below!