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The Zoe Report: Our Favorite Fashion Industry Reality Star Is Doing Bridal


“Since the launch of my first collection, I’ve included white in every season with the intention to dress brides. It’s that euphoric moment that’s always inspired me.” —Rachel Zoe

Just when you thought New York Fashion Week Spring 2018 couldn’t put forth any more bridal-ish dresses, Rachel Zoe sent a model dressed as an actual bride down the runway. And with that, she announced the newest addition to her fashion empire, “The Rachel Zoe Wedding Edit.”

Zoe has worn many hats throughout her career. She was a photographer while attending George Washington University in D.C. (Fun fact, that’s where she met her husband and now business partner, Roger Berman.) She’s been a model and a reality TV show star—and she’s currently a celebrity stylist and fashion designer, all while also being a mom to two boys. Since launching her eponymous label in 2011, Zoe has been able to bring her bohemian pieces to the masses and at an affordable price. (Everything in her line is under $1,000.)

Amazingly, the same price range is carrying over to her bridal collection, with dresses ranging from $595-$1,000. “I don’t think everyone can afford a $5,000 to $15,000 dress, and I just don’t think women who have $1,000 or less have a big enough place in the market to shop from,” Zoe told “You don’t want to get a dress copied, you don’t want to wear a fake version of [something] . . . you want to wear something that feels unique and special to you but also doesn’t make you feel poor.” Preach, Rachel!

Officially available in the spring of 2018, Zoe’s collection boasts eight gowns are for the “bride who wants to look incredibly beautiful and special and glamorous, but doesn’t need to validate her experience with 15 fittings and a custom-made, traditional dress,” said Zoe. To be expected, the dresses don’t scream bridal, they are whimsical and ethereal and in a classic stark white color palette, but the material varies from silk to lace to satin and most have a ruffle or two.

So why wedding gowns and why now? Zoe explained it as an inevitable transition for her line: “As a stylist for 20 years I can’t even begin to explain the amount of red-carpet moments I’ve collaborated on where [the client wore] a beautiful white dress. And you know, [the client always said] I would get married in this dress!” We’ve all had that moment, and we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we can picture Rachel in every single one of these pieces—especially the white shimmery tuxedo situation. It’s ideal for the bride who wants a low-key city hall wedding or perhaps as a second “power look” on her wedding night that allows for plenty of “let’s get low” dance moves.