To Switch or Not to Switch: Should You Change Into A Second Look?

A Hollywood kiss to end the reception!

The list of decisions on a bride’s to do list can feel endless. The venue, flowers, shoes, music, food . . . are we stressing you out yet? After going through the wedding dress search process, the very thought of having to purchase a second look for your big day may make you cringe. Luckily, this is a wedding day decision that is totally and completely optional and up to you.

As you well know, there are a slew of options when it comes to wedding dresses. Many are comfortable and easy to wear from the ceremony to portraits through dancing and into the wee hours. Some, however, may make you feel restricted. For example, ball gowns and mermaid styles can start to feel heavy and stiff by the end of the night. The important thing to remember is that changing has nothing to do with how much you love your primary dress. It’s more about your dress style and your personality. If you love to dance and plan to do so for hours on end, you may want to change into something a bit more free-flowing later in the evening so you can get low.

If you still can’t make up your mind, consider buying a classic white cocktail dress or jumpsuit that you adore and have it on hand at the reception just in case. If you feel the need to change, you’ll be ready! And if it slips your mind and you end up loving how you feel in your gown and stay in it all night, simply wear that potential second look to other events down the line or keep the tags on and return it.

Below are options for a variety of personalities, whether you prefer a dress that screams “party” with sequins, has fringe that moves with your every shake at the after-party, or want a jumpsuit that feels sexy and modern after you’ve spent the majority of the night in a more traditional dress.

Written By: Casey Sharbaugh
Photographed by Andrew Cebulka