At The Spring on Bleecker Pop-Up, You Can Curate the Perfect Table Setting

By Shayna Seid

To celebrate the season of florals and pastels, Land of Belle, Marlo Laz, and RAC Lifestyle have banded together to launch a pop-up shop, aptly named Spring on Bleecker, running from now until May 30 at 373 Bleecker Street.

“We had this idea of creating the destination for spring shopping for the quintessential entertainer,” explains Annabelle Moehlmann, founder of homeware brand Land of Belle, of the new brick-and-mortar outpost, in which you’ll find luxury home decor, fine jewelry, and fashion. As for how the idea was originally conceived, Moehlmann says it all came together pretty organically. “Sabrina [Burda] (founder of RAC) and I had lunch one afternoon to discuss our experiences as two female entrepreneurs starting and running our businesses. By the end of our meal, we had decided to pull together a joint pop-up, and Sabrina immediately suggested that Jesse [Marlo Lazowski of Marlo Laz] be our third brand partner and from there, we just went for it!” she explains.

For the interior design of Spring on Bleecker, it was all about celebrating the height of the season. “I wanted the store to feel feminine, charming, and old-world but fresh and updated at the same time,” Moehlmann says. “More important, it should spark happiness for anyone who comes through our doors.”

As for the location of the shop, opening it on Bleecker Street was a conscious choice. “We intentionally set up on Bleecker Street for two reasons. One, as three female owned and operated businesses, we loved the idea of joining the wonderful community of women entrepreneurs who we can now call neighbors, and hopefully find exciting ways to collaborate with them in the coming month,” Moehlmann says. “Secondly, as three New Yorkers, we feel the revitalization of Bleecker Street is extremely important to the city’s heartbeat.”

Brides and grooms building their registries, or couples looking to refresh their tableware, will find plenty to love here, too. “While our registrants can, of course, make their selections on our site, there is nothing like seeing the collection in person and playing around [with it], pairing different items together to create an assortment that is beautiful, fitting for the couple’s lifestyle, and authentically their own,” she says.

When asked which items are perfect for a registry, Moehlmann had no trouble coming up with an answer. “I’d say our plates, glassware, and linens are key,” she says. “And our collection of flatware is kind of a must too… oh, and vases! And decorative objects. . . okay, basically all of it.”