A Succession Registry From Lady Caroline Collingwood’s Tuscan Wedding

By Shayna Seid

The season three finale of HBO’s Succession was shocking for more reasons than one. (Spoilers ahead!) And while the purchase of Waystar Royco means the futures of Kendall, Roman, and Shiv are uncertain, we can all agree that a destination wedding in Italy made for a very Over the Moon–worthy sendoff. With the nuptials of Lady Caroline Collingwood and Peter Munion, we decided to create a registry inspired by their Tuscan celebration.

Logan Roy’s second wife Lady Caroline Collingwood, a sharp-witted Englishwoman played by Harriet Walter, unexpectedly marries the slightly-failed, not-so-posh businessman Peter Munion, who desperately seeks Logan’s approval and attendance at their own wedding in Tuscany. At the end of the episode, it is ultimately Lady Caroline who rips the rug right out from under her children when she and Logan renegotiate the terms of a particular clause in their divorce that allows a change of power without a majority vote from the kids.

For her second trip down the aisle, Lady Caroline chooses a white coat with floral embroidery, and it is revealed to Vulture that Harriet and a personal shopper were the ones to shop for her character’s bridal ensemble. “I didn’t think of the significance of the white, but I liked that it was white flecked with black and that she had a black suit underneath,” Harriet reveals. “It just seemed appropriate.” She ultimately found the look from Favourbrook in Pall Mall, London, where many of Lady Caroline’s other ensembles came from.

Our Sanoë outerwear has the same style of Lady Caroline’s bridal-wear, and we think timeless and sophisticated Match pewter pieces are just what she’ll add to her registry for her English manor or the flat in Eaton Square that Peter has his eyes set on. Her style is quite polished but never overdone; and she gravitates toward rich fabrics and heritage pieces over modern alternatives. Her tables are set with fine Laboratorio Paravicini dinnerware and monogrammed linens. Nothing is flashy, yet for those who truly know their stuff, her choices will show how she always chooses the finer thing in life.

Shop Lady Caroline’s wedding registry below.