The Best Accessories for Every Type of Summer Wedding

By Cathleen Freedman

It’s the most wonderful time of year: wedding season! But we don’t have to tell you that. You’ve received all of the many invitations and RSVP’d by the deadline. You’ve sent out gifts, and in some cases, bought plane tickets. It may feel like you’ve checked off every box on your to-do list until you realize you haven’t decided what to wear.

The summer is heating up, and your wardrobe full of springtime styles—while beautiful—needs a refresher. This isn’t to say you should purchase a whole new closet with the latest trends. (Considering how many events can fit into a wedding weekend, that may not even be sustainable. . .) Instead, you should work with the dresses you already have and invest in versatile shoes, bags, and jewelry. You’d be amazed how the right timeless accessories can completely transform an outfit. If you’re looking for that certain missing je ne sais quoi, the OTM editors have a few sartorial suggestions for wherever wedding season takes you this summer.

Alfresco Events and Garden Affairs

Fit right into a garden ceremony with floral print clutches by afternoon, and rival the sunset sky with color accents at golden hour. A pop of periwinkle here, a smattering of yellow there—you’ll stand out in the wedding photos without stealing attention from the bride. A subtle citrus motif can be a great conversation starter when mingling with the groom’s buddies from college or someone’s distant relative twice removed.


Destination Venues

We love a destination wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany, but backless heels are not the easiest for maneuvering those cobblestone streets. Whether you have an itinerary of wine tastings and Vespa rides—or want one—fashion should meet function this summer. Blend into the environs of a beachside bonfire with seashell-inspired jewelry. (You’ll make all of the mermaids do a double take!) Or, channel Jane Birkin with lightweight raffia accessories and flat shoes. Plus, sandals are optimal for events on a sandy shore.

The After-Party

Sofia Richie brought newfound glitz and glamour to the after-party, but you don’t need to fête in the south of France to pull out your best glitter accessories. The beauty of sparkly earrings, rhinestone-encrusted heels, and dazzling bags is that these accessories bring flair to a pared-down outfit without feeling over the top. Instead, you’ll look put-together and after-party-appropriate without rivaling the disco ball.


Black Tie Soirées 

If the invitation lists the venue as a “castle” or “museum,” odds are the attire is black tie. But don’t worry. If Duchess Catherine can repeat a gown to events, then so can you. Just make sure you have the right accessories to switch things up. There are two gems that elevate any outfit and go with absolutely everything: diamonds and pearls. Much like Paris, these are never a bad idea! A statement clutch will do wonders for all future eveningwear ensembles. When the 12-piece band plays Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” you’ll be glad you chose to carry the new Olympia Le-Tan book clutch for the occasion.