Ten/Ten Designer Bea Bongiasca on Her Two-in-One, Flower Anatomy-Inspired Diamond Ring

By Shayna Seid

Ten/Ten is a project from De Beers Group that brings together conscious designers with responsibly sourced, small carat diamonds from Botswana to explore the harmonious connection between enduring natural beauty and energetic modern design resulting in a special numbered edition of engagement or “commitment” rings. One of our favorite Milanese jewelers, Bea Bongiasca, is one of those chosen to create her own interpretation of the prompt, and she brilliantly came up with a two-in-one vine design.

Known for her neon palette and delicate enamel energetic shapes, Bea’s pieces have become favorites among celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa. However, she laments the disconnect between engagement rings and real life. On one side, she says, is a society obsessed with newness and pop culture, and the other is full of clichés—the sort seen in rom coms and reality television, like on The Bachelor. “Unless they are knowledgable about jewelry,” she adds, people treat the ring ritual as “more an acceptance of what they’re going to get.” Not if she can help it.

Part of Bea Bongiasca’s mood board.

Bea’s previous collection was about flowers—“the secret language of flowers.” “All those pieces came from the anatomy of a plant, rather than a figural flower,” she says. And with the 10/10 challenge, the designer sought to extend that concept further.

The CAD of Bea Bongiasca’s ring for the Ten/Ten project.

“The traditional gold ring, it’s been done,” she says. “I started looking at vines and began thinking of them as being intertwined”—much like to people about to get married. The final product is a diamond ring with a removable, white-enamel casing. “It’s actually two rings—one funky, the other more customary.”

Bea Bongiasca’s ring for the Ten/Ten collection.

The full Ten/Ten collection is now available to purchase exclusively at Blue Nile.