Ten/Ten Designer Pamela Love Recalls the Ancient Celebration of Love with Her Gold Braided Diamond Ring

By Shayna Seid

Ten/Ten is a project that brings together conscious designers with responsibly sourced, small carat diamonds from Botswana to explore the harmonious connection between enduring natural beauty and energetic modern design resulting in a special numbered edition of engagement or “commitment” rings. New York-based Pamela Love is one of those chosen to create her own interpretation of the prompt, and her braided-band ring recalls the ancient celebration of romance.

As a child, Pamela was in a hurry to grow up through jewelry. At the age of seven, she begged her parents for a pair of hanging earrings. “It seemed very adult,” she recalls. “Studs meant you were a kid, dangling meant you were a lady.” She ultimately lost one of the aquamarine chandeliers but continued to wear the other, which taught her the value of being different. “I decided I was just going to make it my thing.”

Early on, she humored her imagination and fashioned pieces from household objects. Plastic toothbrushes became bracelets. “The weirder the better,” she laughs. Today, Pamela’s offbeat designs are part of the reason her fans are so loyal to the brand, and the Botswana diamonds used in this collection are a natural fit for her company which values transparency and sustainability. “It’s incredible to know what mine the diamond came from, who cut it, and that those involved are being treated well.”

Pamela Love’s mood board.

The Ten/Ten project challenged the designer to revisit the idea of commitment, and she looked to the past for guidance. “Romance has been celebrated since the beginning of humanity,” she remarks. “We wanted to reference things that are ancient, that are old.”

Pamela Love’s ring for the 10/10 project.

The final product is a gold, braided-band ring that recalls various periods, from 18th century mourning jewelry to Etruscan motifs. The form itself symbolizes quite literally the interweaving of lives. “It’s the coming together of souls,” Pamela says. Romance may be old, but it is alive, well, and incredibly honored in this piece.

The full Ten/Ten collection is now available to purchase exclusively on Blue Nile.