A New Line of Dreamy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $200? Yes, Please!

Photo: Courtesy of WAYF
Photo: Courtesy of WAYF

WAYF designer Meredith Fisher knew as soon as she got engaged she would be designing the dresses for each of her own bridesmaids. “How could I have my bridal party wear anything but WAYF?” she says. “But also, having shopped for bridesmaids dresses before, I knew the limitations of the current offerings in the market.”

Anyone who has been a bridesmaid in the past can agree Meredith is on to something. Historically, bridesmaids’ dress silhouettes have come in a limited number of universally flattering (i.e. boring) cuts. Colors are often predictable, while prints are practically non-existent. We know that the bride is supposed to stand out from the crowd on her big day, but must the bridal party look dull in the name of that cause?

Meredith Fisher’s bridal party. Photo: Courtesy of WAYF
Meredith Fisher’s bridal party.
Photo: Courtesy of WAYF

“The one style for all dress idea doesn’t work!” Meredith explains. Designing the dresses for her own bridal party affirmed this longstanding belief. “I learned so much about how each girl wanted to look, feel, and best flatter her figure,” she says. “For example, my sister-in-law had a baby three months before the wedding, so it was really fun and challenging to find a dress that would be flattering (and also allow her to wear a nursing bra!)” The whole experience led Meredith to create a new line for her customers, too. WAYF is now offering a new collection of bridesmaids dresses in a mix of sleek bias cut gowns and flirty, ruffle silhouettes in a range of pink and blue hues, and floral patterns. Even better? All of the dresses range from $130 – $178; a welcome change for future bridesmaids who don’t necessarily want to break the bank on a dress they’ll probably only wear once.

WAYF’s bridal collection is available at Nordstroms nationwide, and according to Meredith, this is only the beginning. “Each season we plan to layer in additional colors and expand on the palette we started,” she explains. “I love the mismatched wedding party aesthetic.” Below, a look at WAYF’s new bridesmaids collection.