What To Wear to a Winter Wedding That Is Both Warm and Stylish

By Over The Moon
Harley Viera Newton at her New York City wedding. Photographed by Lucy Cuneo.

Yes, the temperature has dropped, but that doesn’t mean your style has to evaporate. For those invited to a winter wedding, we know pairing your dress with a standard issue black puffer coat is enticing—but, please, don’t! Trust us, there are plenty of ways to still look sophisticated even when it’s sub-zero outside. After all, winter weddings tend to be more formal than summer affairs, but with just a few tips and our five outfit ideas below, you’ll realize dressing up for a winter bash can be just as fun and creative.

Look 1

Florals . . . in winter? Yes, it can be done! Just opt for long sleeve dresses, and brands like the Vampire’s Wife, which makes a beautiful floral printed dresses in warmer fabrics like velvet and corduroy. Textured tights are also an easy way to brighten up any look.


Look 2

Rotate is a new line of affordable party dresses, and we can predict this glittery one (at just $250!) is going to be a favorite amongst fashion forward wedding guests. Throw on a faux fur, get creative with jewelry, and you’ve got a lewk.

Look 3

If you want to stick to a good ole LBD, then find one that can do both—and get yourself a dress that’s tried and true but also feels extra special enough for a night out. A bit of sequins or in this case feathers is just enough to up the ante. Everyday boots can feel elevated when styled right, too.

Look 4

Channel the social swans of the sixties with a two-piece ball gown set. It’s a chic way to do black tie, and this look checks off all of the black tie dress code requirements without trying too hard. 

Look 5

If all else fails, suit up! Men can wear the same tuxedo over and over again, so why shouldn’t the ladies, too? Invest in a chic two-piece set or jumpsuit—it’ll never go out of style and you can easily change up the look each season by swapping out your accessories.