6 Truths That Stood Out When Re-Watching Father of the Bride

In honor of today’s holiday, we’re taking a look back at the ultimate dad film—Father of the Bride—which almost 30 years later remains one of the most on point movies ever about the craziness that inevitably comes with wedding planning. Starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, and Martin Short, Nancy Meyers’s 1991 remake of the 1950 movie of the same name (featuring Elizabeth Taylor in the lead role of “Kay” instead of “Annie) was a major box office success right out of the gate, earning almost four times its budget. But numbers aside, the comedy will always have a place in our heads and our hearts, largely because of the way it so perfectly captures the essence of the father-daughter relationship. So on this Father’s Day, we’re listing 6 truths that stood out when we re-watched this old favorite.

Freudian slips can be spot on.
When we first saw the film, we’re not sure we really got “don’t forget to fasten your condom.” But years later, it’s clear that wiser words may never have been spoken in movie history.

An independent communications consultant is not code for unemployed.
In a post-Zuckerberg world, we now know that sweats and shower shoes are the go-to uniform of tech wunderkind. Let’s just say Bryan MacKenzie was ahead of his time.

Cakes are made with more than just flour and water.
While it’s hard to fathom that something that is baked in an oven could cost more than your first car, wedding cakes are elaborate confections that can definitely get expensive. Although, we kind of side with George on this one: $1,200 for a cake in the nineties does seem a little over the top. Today, the average price for a wedding cake can range from $1,.50 – $12 per slice. If the Banks invited around 150 people to the reception, that means the price per slice of their cake was $8, which is definitely on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Come on Annie, does it really need to be four tiers?

Staff up! (And, listen to the experts.)
If Franck says to hire four parking attendants, pay attention. No matter how unnecessary an extra staff member might seem, wedding planners have literally done this hundreds of times, and they know what they’re talking about. Trust them or risk spending the night moving cars around.

Blue tuxedos are chic.
And Armani actually makes a navy one—we found a few online options here and here.

Never gift a blender. We repeat, never gift a blender.
“What is this 1958? Give the wife a blender?” If Annie came this close to canceling her wedding over a kitchen utensil in 1991, imagine how upset a woman today, in the era of The Wing and #MeToo and Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, might feel? Grooms, think twice before gifting this one!