A Roundup of Our Favorite Fine China

When I think of fine china, two visuals come to mind. (1) Accompanying my mother to Brittain’s (now Vieuxtemps) on lower King Street in Charleston to select wedding presents for family friends and perusing the place settings on display in the back of the store—each one had a card next to it with the bride who’d chosen its name in cursive. It’s still set up this way, and all very old school. And (2), Out of Africa. It’s one of my favorite movies and every summer I watch it. (My mother-in-law could always be counted on to bring it on family beach vacations.) I’m a fan of the story, the soundtrack, and of course, Karen Blixen’s commitment to her Limoges. So in the spirit of those southern ladies and their love of a pretty pattern and Baroness Blixen and her penchant for the finer things in life, we’ve pulled pics of some of our favorite fine china.