The Best Months to Get Married According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Alexandra Macon

Is your wedding date written in the stars? According to millennial astrologer Alice Bell, your zodiac sign should play a part when picking the right season to tie the knot. Below, she shares her expert advice on the best months to get married based on each astrological sign.

For most signs, there is no better time to get married than during your birthday season (unless there’s a Venus or Mercury Retrograde happening!). When the Sun crosses over your ascendant and begins a new cycle for the year, it marks a period where you’re met with increased self confidence and opportunities headed your way. It’s often easier to make resolutions during your season than it is during the actual New Year. You tend to get a second wind of energy at your half birthday too, when the Sun illuminates your relationship sector.

Still unsure if the timing is right? Signs like Cancer, Taurus, and Libra specifically pertain to love, commitment, and starting a family together, so all signs can never go wrong with scheduling a wedding in May, July, or October—no wonder those are some of the most popular wedding months of the year. Below, a detailed guide to the best season to get married according to your sign.

Astrologer Alice Bell

Aries: April or October

Aries, you’re a force of energy. You’re very quick to action, and you grow restless and impatient when faced with delays and inactivity. Therefore, come time for your season you’re even more excited to get the ball rolling. You want to dive headfirst into the next chapter of your life, which is why April is the perfect time to get married or start putting wedding plans into full effect.

When the Sun transits Libra and your 7th house of one-on-one relationships in October, you’re given another opportunity to commit. During this month, how much you value your partner is called to your attention. Instead of focusing entirely on yourself and your needs, look out for that special someone in your life, too.

Taurus: June or November

As a Taurus you appreciate the finer things in life. You prefer your surroundings to be pleasant and aesthetically pleasing. You also honor your commitments and crave stability, so anything started during your season has the potential to be long lasting and fruitful. Planning a wedding for late May or early June would be the best time for you. Not only is it your season, but nature is in full bloom, creating the best background for your long thought out wedding photos.  

If you prefer the Autumn, plan for November. With the Sun in Scorpio in your 7th house that month, you’ll be diving deeper into your emotions and the intimacy with your partner will be heightened. You’ll want to know everything about the other person, and developing trust with them will be crucial.

Gemini: December

Since you’re more of a thought focused sign, Gemini, you may find that your birthday season isn’t the most romantic. Because your mind moves so quickly, you could find yourself too busy and distracted to give your full attention to another person. It’s better to wait until the Sun transits Sagittarius and illuminates your partnership sector around the holiday season. Late November to early December is the perfect time to expand your own soul growth with the help of a partner. You’ll find yourself wanting to broaden your horizons and embrace the unknown. Book a honeymoon for somewhere far-off and exotic, since foreign travel will be especially favorable.

With Jupiter currently transiting your 7th house of relationships, 2019 is a particularly good year to get married or deepen your commitment with someone, Gemini. Take advantage that Jupiter is blessing this entire area of your life with good fortune.

Cancer: July or beginning of January

As a Cancer, you’re naturally very family and home oriented. You’re attached to the people in your life, so there’s no better time than your own season to celebrate love with those close to you. During July, all domestic matters are highlighted, and you’ll be ready to begin a family and build a strong foundation for the future. You’ll also receive another relationship “new year” around the time of your half birthday in January. Commitment with your partner will become especially important for you then.

In addition, you have Saturn transiting Capricorn and your 7th house of relationships for the next two years. You’re wanting love that is more stable, so for many Cancers engagement and marriage are in the cards for the near future. There’s no time like the present to start preparing those wedding vows!

Leo: August or February

Leo, you like all of the attention to be on you. You have a flair for the dramatic, and you’re not someone who goes unnoticed. Your wedding day will be one that everyone remembers, because you’ll make sure they do. Aim for a late summer ceremony in August. This will ensure that all eyes are on you, and you’ll also feel even more confident than usual.

For the more romantic Leos, February is a good alternative when the Sun is transiting Pisces and your 8th house of intimacy. Not only will it be around Valentine’s Day, but your emotions will run deeper and you’ll find yourself planning a very whirlwind, fairytale like wedding. It’s also a good month for embarking on a spiritual, soulmate journey with your partner.  

Virgo: March or September

Virgo, you’re very fond of your specific, daily routines. So why would planning your wedding be any different? March or September are your best months to tie the knot. They both mark the beginning of a new season and a fresh set of energies, so you’ll be right on schedule.

Having your wedding in September around your birthday month will ensure that it all goes off flawlessly, down to every single last detail. However, to avoid stressing yourself out too much, you may want to try March during Pisces season. It’s would be nice to give up your control and let someone else worry about the wedding logistics.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is transiting your 4th house all year, bringing good fortune to all domestic matters, including marriage. Building a home is more beneficial for you in 2019, and you’ll find a great sense of comfort coming from your family life.

Libra: October

Libra, you are the sign of love. You have a friendly disposition and a natural charm that draws people in. Others appreciate your presence too, because you make them feel at ease. Unlike the rest of the zodiac, you’re able to easily incorporate someone else into your life no matter what time of year it is. So planning a wedding shouldn’t be too hard for you.  

For increased affection though, plan the ceremony around your birthday season in October. Maintaining harmony and peace among your family members and romantic partners is always your focus during the fall, so it’s unlikely there will be any tension or anger at the wedding. It’s also an ideal time to start a marriage, because you’re starting off the partnership on equal footing. Libra season is all about maintaining the balance between two people.

Scorpio: November or May

You’re a little intense, Scorpio. In love, it’s usually all or nothing for you, and you have a definite jealous streak. If that’s the wedding vibe you’re going for, go ahead and schedule a date in November during your birthday season. Though emotions will run deep, just be warned that you may encounter some power struggles or trust issues along the way.

It may be better to settle down during Taurus season in May, when the Sun is transiting your 7th house of one-on-one relationships. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, so any new relationship phase started during this time will be surrounded by love and affection. Taurus is all about stability too, which will help to stabilize your strong emotional reactions.

Sagittarius: December or February

As a Sagittarius, you’re inspiring. People love being around you because you have a very fun and upbeat nature.You love to constantly be stimulated by activities and new experiences. Travel is essential for you, so you’re the sign most likely to plan a destination wedding. If you do decide to tie the knot abroad, your birthday season in December is the best time to do it because everyone else will be excited to go the distance with you.

If you’d rather organize your wedding closer to home, aim for February. The Sun transits your 4th house of family during Pisces season, urging you to settle down and enjoy the company of those close to you. Because you’re so prone to going off on your own little adventures, during this time you’ll feel more grounded and have a stronger support system in place.

Capricorn: July

You take yourself very seriously, Capricorn. You’re always taking on more responsibilities, because you like seeing yourself progress in your career through hard work. Your job often comes before everything else, so it’s important to find a more relaxed time of the year to get married. During your season in January, you’ll be too backed up with other commitments to take on planning a wedding too. But maybe you like being overbooked?

July is your best bet for exchanging vows. Your half birthday falls during Cancer season, giving you a refreshed set of energies for the second half of the year. It’s a great time to start on a new relationship path. And since Cancer rules the family, home life will at last overshadow your busy work schedule.

Aquarius: February

As an Aquarius, you like to make sudden changes to your life and you grow bored when things become too predictable. Some of your decisions may appear to have no reason, but you’re guided by own intuition and gut feelings about situations. You probably don’t give a lot of thought to planning for the future, even a wedding. You would rather pick a random date and see what happens.

Around Late January and early February, you tend to get a spark of inspiration, because it’s your season. This is usually the time for chasing after your dreams and having new opportunities come your way, especially in the love department. Your personality quirks translate better to others than usual, so everyone will be able to follow along with your unconventional wedding vows.

Pisces: March or June

Pisces, you’re a born romantic and you’ve probably spent your entire life dreaming about your wedding day. You crave emotional intensity, and you’re good at establishing deeper bonds with people. It’s easy for you to pick up on the energies of others as well as the energy of any environment you find yourself in. When the Sun enters your sign at the end of February and early March, you’re really in your own element. You’re free to daydream and love with your whole heart. If you want that fairytale ending, plan on having your wedding during Pisces season.

For those more practical Pisces, June is the month where all discussions will center around family matters. When your Sun enters Gemini and your 4th house that month, it helps pull you back down out of that fantasy world you’re always living in and create a nurturing home for yourself.

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