All The Wedding Cake Inspiration You Could Ever Want

Of all the wedding traditions out there, the cutting of the cake is perhaps one of our all-time favorites. Two people in love feeding each other dessert for an adorable, picture perfect (or imperfect . . . depending on how messy your spouse gets with the goods) moment—what’s not to like?

A couple’s wedding cake (and the way they cut it) also reveals a lot more about them than you think. After all, those who choose a five-tiered, fondant cake probably have little in common with those who opt for a naked fruit confection. So for everyone still unsure about what kind of wedding cake they ultimately want to serve on their big day—or for anyone out there with a sweet tooth that just wants to dream of multi-tiered pastries—we pulled a slideshow of some of our favorite wedding cakes that have appeared on Over The Moon. Whether you want to go big or small, minimalist or top it off with Herend, there’s a cake out there for you! (Spoiler alert: Clicking through might result in a serious sugar craving!)