Juliska Co-Founder Capucine Gooding’s Dream Registry Mixes European Heritage with Eclectic American Sensibility

By Shayna Seid | Photography by

Jon Barber

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Cebulka

Capucine Gooding and her husband David Gooding first co-founded the table and homeware brand Juliska in 2001, before she expanded her talents into jewelry with her line Capucine De Wulf in 2017. The couple, now based in Charleston, got married on December 5, 1998 in Newport Beach.

For their original wedding registry, the couple added items—with great help from their mothers—from Bergdorf Goodman, Crate & Barrel, and Williams Sonoma. However, they still haven’t used their fondue set! And they wish they had registered for a holiday pattern dinnerware set because they host Thanksgiving and Christmas every year and didn’t have one. “We had to design a collection, which I suppose turned out well for everyone in the end,” Capucine says.

The jewelry designer describes her aesthetic as “romantic, European heritage with an eclectic American sensibility.” Her go-to inspirations range from Charlotte Moss to Justina Blakeney to Michael Smith to Axel Vervoort to Wes Anderson and more.

And when it comes to decorating her home, she begins with a more conceptual approach. “We start with the qualities we want a space to exude and the types of activities that take place there,” Capucine says. “Then [we] choose colors and objects that harmonize with those goals and the architecture and landscape of the house. We love using saturated colors and a sense of humor. Nothing really matches—but it all coordinates.”

Capucine also adds that there are moments of compromise with her husband—to encourage continued marital bliss—when decorating their shared spaces. “We are bother super visual and very passionate about color and design.”

For her Dream Registry, Capucine gravitated to anything Laboratorio Paravicini. “I chose the Serpentine plates because they are exquisitely painted and make for a very chic and unpredictable pairing with Country Estate, Flint,” she explains.

Of course, she wishes Juliska was available to add to her original wedding registry, but now, she recommends the brand because “because it’s incredibly stylish AND dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe—which is important if you want to be elegant every day.”

Capucine leaves us with expert advise for engaged couples making their registries for the first time: “Don’t skimp on quantities. Get at least 10—ideally 12—of all your dinnerware, drink-ware, and flatware,” she says. “Why? So that you can host dinner for yourselves and five of your fave couples! So that you don’t have to stress about washing dishes all the time. So you have set a proper foundation for all your daily and entertaining needs.”