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Paradise Found—This Honeymoon Was Goals Personified

Figuring our where to go on your honeymoon can be hard. You want a place you and your new spouse have never been to before so you can discover it together as newlyweds. It should feel exotic, but not so difficult to get to that you can’t relax after the wedding. Clary Bosbyshell and Graham Welsh’s recent honeymoon pics make such a compelling case for Greece that we’re about ready to drop everything and get on the next flight out of dodge. Private walking tours of Athens, sipping wine by a pool overlooking the Aegean Sea, and taking in the sunset from a catamaran cruise off the coast of Santorini were all on the well-planned out itinerary, and Clary’s clothes were on point for every setting and activity. (Love her looks? Don’t forget to shop her honeymoon in Greece packing list here.)

The newlyweds started the trip in Santorini, enjoying the breathtaking scenes below from their boutique hotel, The Canaves Oia. “The breakfast was so incredible that most of the time lunch was a light snack and glass of wine until dinner,” says Clary. After four days in Santorini, Clary and Graham spent the next few exploring the fishing village of Plaka in Crete. Then, the two ended their trip in Athens. After sightseeing, they had dinner at Tudor Hall Restaurant.“We both agreed it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had,” says Clary. With a beautiful view overlooking the ancient Acropolis, Panathenaic Stadium, Syntagma Square, and the Parliament, a timeless interior, and a gourmet, modern Greek menu, this is definitely a restaurant everyone should put on their bucket list. After clicking through these photos, we we’re pretty sure you’ll want to make like Lena in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and embark on your own trip to this idyllic destination.

Travel Agent: Emily David, from Currie and Co.