What Couples Most Regret Splurging On For Their Wedding

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It’s engagement season, which means plenty of couples are already in the beginning stages of planning out their weddings for 2018. Figuring out the details of your big day obviously comes with a number of big decisions: picking the right venue, finding the right dress, putting together the guest list—to name a few. But then comes the tricky part of figuring out where to spend and where to cut corners.

Is a band really necessary when there’s a good DJ available? Should you make your own floral arrangements or leave that up to the professionals? Should you ask a friend to shoot some videos or hire a team of seasoned photographers? These are the tough questions every couple has to tackle.

Thankfully, online wedding registry Zola conducted a survey of over 750 couples and asked them to share what they most regret spending money on for their wedding and the details they wish they wished they’d plunked down more cash on. For those about to start reserving caterers and florists, take a look at the results below. It’s information you should be aware of before putting down deposits.

The top 5 wedding elements couples wish they spent more money on:
1. Videographer: 25% wish they spent more
2. Photographer: 22%
3. Wedding planner or coordinator: 20%
4. Flowers/decor: 12%
5. Band/DJ: 10%

The top 5 wedding elements couples wish they spent less money on:
1. Flowers & decor: 22% feel they spent too much
2. Hair & makeup: 20%
3. Catering: 19%
4. Day-of wedding attire (dress, suit, accessories, etc.): 19%
5. Invitations:  17% 

But aside from how much something ended up costing, it’s interesting to know what couples ultimately thought was the most important—regardless of price—once their wedding wrapped up. Hint: location, location, location.

The top 10 wedding elements newlyweds say actually made their wedding truly unforgettable:
1. Venue
2. Photographer
3. Band/DJ
4. Day of wedding attire
5. Flowers/decor
6. Wedding officiant
7. Catering
8. Wedding planner or coordinator
9. After party
10. Wedding cake