8 Wedding Dos & Don’ts You Need to Know From Southern Living


It’s been said that if you want to know the answer to something, you should ask a southern woman—they’re a wealth of information . . . especially when it comes to manners and decorum. We recently came across Southern Living’s “The Dos & Don’ts of Southern Weddings” with Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays, and just like the expression says, these ladies have the answers to every etiquette question you could ever want to ask. Plus, they had us cracking up big time. The women are the best-selling, award-winning authors of Somebody Is Going to Die If Lilly Beth Doesn’t Catch That Bouquet: The Official Southern Ladies’ Guide to Hosting The Perfect Wedding, which has been hailed as one part Steel Magnolias, two parts Junior League cookbook, with a dash of Bridezillas and bit of A Southern Belle Primer: Why Princess Grace Will Never Be A Kappa Kappa Gamma mixed in. In this short video, they drop some knowledge—opining on everything from when it’s really too late to call off a wedding to their feelings on canned beer being served at a reception (unsurprisingly, they can’t stand it). Below a few of our favorite gems—watch the video for more.

(1) “Animals are fine as ring bearers at an outdoor wedding. My dogs are the nicest members of my family!” —Gayden

(2) “You should never put on a tux until the sun goes down—unless you’re a waiter.” —Charlotte

(3) “If you’re going to serve beer, for Lord’s sake, do not serve it in a can. Please pour it in a glass.” —Gayden

(4) “Don’t take the present to the reception or the wedding. It always happens in movies. It is not supposed to happen in real life. You send it ahead.” —Charlotte

(5) “You should never take the spotlight off the bride.” —Charlotte

(6) “Never say ‘Congratulations!’ to the bride. It sends the message: ‘Aren’t you lucky to have finally found a husband?’” —Gayden

(7) “A dozen bridesmaids is too much.” —Gayden

(8) “In every state in the union, you can have a wedding annulled.” —Gayden