How to Get Engagement Photos You’ll Cherish (That Aren’t Cheesy)

These days, most of us photograph almost every worthy, and unworthy, aspect of our lives—from what what we woke up like, to what we had for lunch, to our O.O.T.D. and night. So it’s only natural to want to have a few pics to commemorate a major life event like an engagement. Posed engagement photos are a hot topic though. Many couples forgo them entirely (I did!) because they fear they’ll be cheesy. Our friends, Dana Constantino and Brooke Kleinman of the branding agency Love Detailed, say they don’t have to be. “Just do it in your way,” says Dana. “We’re all about on brand content at Love Detailed. Your wedding should be an accurate reflection of you as a couple, so make sure your engagement shoot feels the same way.”

Like good wedding photos, the key to great engagement pics is authenticity. We know planning a mini “photo shoot” for you and your significant other might make some feel like they have to go all out when it comes to hair, makeup, and wardrobe. “But, if you don’t want to wear a pink or white dress, don’t,” says Brooke. “Some of the best pictures come when you capture the ‘real’ moments you share as a couple . . . kiss in the kitchen, cuddle in bed with your dog . . . you do you! We promise if you follow this advice you will be happy you took the time and invested in a photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.” Here, a look at some of their favorite engagement photos in the slideshow above.