How To Incorporate Your Favorite Wallpaper Into Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding decor, the number of trends out there are endless. You could surely craft together a multitude of ideas from our Pinterest page alone. If you’re truly stuck on which direction you want to go, look to your own home for a little inspiration. The colors, fabrics, and our latest favorite: wallpaper can inform your wedding style. (We’ve mentioned how obsessed we are with Colefax and Fowler’s Bowood print before. Imagine how pretty a reception could be with design elements done in that pretty paper.)

1440 design studio
Photo: Courtesy of 1440 Design Studio

Whether you’re creating envelope inserts like the above from 1440 Design Studio or you’re a DIY pro who’s creating your own printed wedding envelopes, the invitation suite is an area rife with possibility, and this is a striking, impactful way to easily include your favorite wallpaper print that’s sure to get noticed.

John Derian Paperless Post
Photo: Courtesy of Paperless Post

We also love the above beauty by John Derian for Paperless post. It’s colorful and whimsical, yet also elegant and utterly romantic.

mary costa photography
Photo: Courtesy of Mary Costa Photography

Table runners will forever be a trend. So why not mix it up a little and use a wallpaper? Select your favorite print and affix it to your table in the size you choose. Dress it up with tapered candles, tall centerpieces, or even a floral table runner on top. Who says you can’t put a table runner on top of a table runner?

katey p
Photo: Courtesy of Katey P.

Escort card tables are our latest obsession. We love all of the ways a couple can dress up this wedding reception fixture. Above, a whimsical console table is paired with a trendy leaf motif wallpaper for a dramatic backdrop.

Photo: Brian Dorsey Studios

The above isn’t exactly wallpaper, but we love how Jung Lee of Fête decorated the hallways of the Natural History Museum for Elizabeth Fisch and Michael Dishi’s wedding. On this giant wall, guests could find their names and table numbers written on a framed reproduction of a flower print. One could do the same exact setup with a beautiful botanical printed paper. Imagine a wall of de Gournay!

derik mertinez photography
Photo: Courtesy of Derek Martinez Photography

Who doesn’t love a beautiful aisle backdrop? Here, hand-folded paper cranes in prints of all styles dangle above the couple. Pick as many wallpaper designs as you like and brush up on your origami!

ryan anderson
Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Anderson

Last but not least, find a wallpaper print that suits your taste and then seek out a cake artist who can transfer designs onto your dessert for a sweet take on this trend.

Written By: Jehnel Oboza-Davison