Lifestyle Brand India Amory Has Launched A Blog

India Amory Lucy Cuneo

Julia Amory’s wedding in the Hamptons has always been one of our favorites on Over The Moon. We loved her classic blue and white color scheme, and the fact that her search for the perfect wedding decor inspired her to launch India Amory, a lifestyle company that specializes in linens, robes, home accessories, and much, much more.

Back when she was a bride-to-be, she knew she wanted to use printed tablecloths on her big day, but couldn’t find anything that suited the aesthetic she was looking for, so decided to make them herself. “I loved the fabric so much I had our bridesmaid robes made in the same one, and my company, India Amory, was born,” she says. Now, she’s taken it a step further and launched a blog called The Block Print, where she shares more about herself, her tasteful tips, and features her stylish friends. First up? One of our favorite photographers: Lucy Cuneo. (FYI, she just shot Harley Viera-Newton’s charming wedding in the West Village.) Check out The Block Print to see more from Julia and her world.