Is It OK to Serve an All Vegan Menu at Your Wedding?

Vegans have a hard time when going out to eat at a restaurant, and an even more difficult one when attending a wedding as a guest. While more and more events have started to adapt to different types of dietary restrictions, it’s still uncommon to see vegan meals on a wedding menu these days. But what about those couples who are both into the vegan lifestyle? What if they feel strongly about serving a vegan menu on their big day? Is this an acceptable choice or—like wearing white as a guest—one that would be frowned upon?

Celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren encourages couples to have exactly the kind of wedding they want to have—even if that means serving an unconventional dinner to their large group of guests. “Today, vegan food is a lot different than it was 25 years ago,” she says. “There is some delicious vegan food out there. That said, it would be nice to offer some of the non-vegans some fish protein or vegetarian options that include dairy; perhaps a pasta, or delicious pizzas from a wood fired oven.”

Calder Clark, a Charleston-based wedding planner, thinks it’s important that a wedding reflects the individual tastes of a couple, but to never forget it’s also key to make your guests feel comfortable. “As a Southerner, graciousness is paramount to personal comforts,” she says. “I’d likely make sure my couple had a beautiful meal just to themselves that met their food guidelines; that would allow others to eat freely without overshadowing their personal preferences.”

Of course, the decision always rests on the couple, and as Oren puts it “most vegans have a strong point of view.” So for those of you who do wish to go down the route of serving an all-vegan menu, Oren suggests making sure to pick chefs with plenty of experience in vegan cuisine and who feels comfortable with those restrictions. Conversely, while there are plenty of excellent vegan restaurants, Oren says to always make sure they have some sort of catering experience. “I have seen restaurants miserably fail at catering because it’s a very different type of service,” she warns. As for our two cents? A vegan wedding cake is a great compromise—sweet, beautiful, and a treat for every palate imaginable.