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From Bali to Bondi Beach: One Couple’s Amazing Honeymoon Adventure

Kori Dyer and David Mastroieni got married close to home in Brooklyn, where they both currently live. But for their honeymoon, they knew they didn’t want to just sit on any old beach and chill. Instead, they wanted to embark on a real trip. The two started out their big adventure on the Indonesian island of Bali, and then it was onto Australia, the countryside of New Zealand, and Hawaii. “We had an absolutely incredible month,” says Kori. “It’s a really special time and definitely strengthened our bond overall. There were countless surprises along the way and  exciting cultural experiences, but most important to us was the fact that we go to explore the world together for the first time as husband and wife.” Clicking through the stunning photos from their epic trip is sure to inspire your own fun, far-flung honeymoon travel.