The Best Wedding Photographers: Over The Moon’s 2022 List

By Shayna Seid

You may not directly feel it on the day, but if there’s one thing that can make or break a wedding, it’s the photographer you choose. After all, you can spend a fortune on flowers or a dress, but if they end up being immortalized in over-saturated or cheesy lighting, bad angles, and low-quality edits, all you’ll have left to remember them by is a set of unflattering pictures. And trust us, it’s heartbreaking to see elevated details captured in a less-than-desirable quality.

We want everyone to be “over the moon” with their wedding pictures—so much so that they consider submitting them to us! In all seriousness, whether you and your fiancé are open books or more private, we’re here to help make informed decisions regarding choosing the right vendors for you. We’ve rounded up a list of some of our very favorite wedding photographers working today. These pros are experts with lighting, know how to get the best candids, and are such joys to work with—the ultimate trifecta. A number of those featured have also shot weddings highlighted on Over The Moon, and all of them are amongst the best names in the business—so, remember to leave plenty of time for booking!


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Aaron Delesie

One of the most sought-after wedding photographers out there, Aaron Delesie has captured moments with his camera all over the world. He shot a stunning summer backyard wedding in Pennsylvania that we swear could’ve been in the French Countryside by the way it was lensed.

Abby Jiu

This team of female photographers knows that small details can make a big difference in how a client feels about their wedding photos. “The girls that get it, get it,” as TikTok says. Founder Abby Jiu started her namesake firm in 2009 and now travels around the world to capture the emotion of couples getting married. Often featured on OTM, Abby Jiu lensed Natalie Pace’s intimate wedding in Charlottesville in 2020, and it’s still top of mind today.

Allan Zepeda

A member of the incredible team behind Serena Williams’s fairytale wedding, Zepeda has repeatedly been named one of the best wedding photographers working in the U.S. by a variety of outlets. He has shot everything from small New York City and San Francisco elopements to luxury weddings in exotic locations such as Turkey, Fiji, Italy, and every type of event in-between. More recently, he lensed Jennifer Gates’s New York wedding and @wemetatacme’s Lindsey Metselaar’s wedding in Palm Beach. Our first hand experience there with him completely solidified his stellar reputation in our eyes.

Anée Atelier

Founded by best friends Gina Esposito and Sheena Meekins in 2016, Anée Atelier has a foundation of creative play and utmost excellence. With Meekins’s background working for Teen Vogue, Vogue, People, StyleWatch, and Essence Magazine, her elevated aesthetic comes out in her images. Interested in booking the team? They’re available for destination weddings too.

OTM Bride Meg Workman happily walking back down the aisle after saying, “I do.”

Anne Rhett

A native of our home base in Charleston, South Carolina, Anne Rhett has been a longtime favorite photographer of OTM. With a background in documentary photography from Duke University, she takes her talents across the globe to shoot weddings but says there’s nothing like the Lowcountry setting of the Holy City. Most recently, Rhett lensed our first wedding feature in West Virginia for Charleston-based makeup artist Meg Workman.


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Since 2004 founders Dorothée and Annabel have specialized in boutique wedding photography, receiving continued praise for their very personal and creative style that is as modern as it is timeless. Whether shooting together or separately, locally or in over 22 countries to date, Belathée always produced crisp, magical-like images. A few of our favorites include Kimmy Scotti’s elevated and extravagant Halloween wedding in NYC and Elaine Welteroth’s Brooklyn stoop ceremony.

Lorraine Pascale walking down the aisle in Vivienne Westwood with her daughter, Ella Balinska.

Benjamin Wheeler

U.K.-based Benjamin Wheeler amazingly shot Princess Beatrice’s wedding in the thick of 2020, and the photos are breathtaking. For couples who love the English aesthetic, Wheeler is your man. While he’s available for destination weddings, the London civil ceremony images we’ve seen are flawless—like those from Lorraine Pascale’s nuptials.

OTM Bride Candáce Akilah Gregory brings the glamour with her pearl-embellished veil.

Chi-Chi Ari Love

Based in the D.C. area but available to travel for weddings, Chi-Chi Ari is an excellent wedding journalist that draws on her fashion background and love of the arts and nature to capture great photographs. We especially love OTM Bride Candáce Akilah Gregory’s wedding in Prospect Park—the veil shots are next-level.

OTM Bride Katie Hagerty walks into newlywed life in a parade, complete with a Mariachi in Mexico.

Christian Garcia

This photographer shot one of our all-time favorite weddings ever and should be the go-to if you’re planning a wedding in Mexico. His vibrant, cinematic images are beautiful, and he has an uncanny ability to capture the emotion of the day.

Christian Oth Studio

Headquartered in the Flatiron District of New York City, Christian Oth Studio serves both local and international weddings worldwide. The full service photography studio is committed to telling your love story through editorial-style photos of the highest caliber and strives to foster a strong connection with their clients and a gain a true understanding of their vision and goals.

Cinzia Bruschini

Based in London but available for destination weddings, Cinzia Bruschini has been shooting events for at least 10 years. Led by Bruschini herself, the studio is comprised of photographer Matteo Ciminari and a team of professional artists, each bringing an inquisitive eye and honest approach to their craft.

Sarah Michler’s wedding in Connecticut.

Collins Nai

Ghanian born and based in New York, Collins Nai recently shot Allie Michler and Will Kopelmans’s wedding in Nantucket—he also lensed the bride’s sister’s wedding last year. Most known for portraits and fine art photography, Nai will bring an editorial edge to your wedding photos for an album that could be hung in famous galleries. We’ve worked with him first-hand, and he is such a fun, refreshing, and professional presence. Also, brides, if you’re not used to striking a pose, his direction is a godsend.


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Corbin Gurkin

The photographer behind the lens at our Brock Collection for Over The Moon celebration dinner in Charleston was this amazing woman. She’s beyond professional and so kind; and we can attest that she will chase that sunlight for you. We were also fan-girling pretty hard because she shot one of our favorite celebrity weddings too—a little couple by the names of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Elizabeth Austin

Elizabeth Austin’s style of photography is “free-flowing with a mixture of editorial and documentary. My images are soft, romantic, and unique to each couple’s love,” she says on her website. Based in Atlanta, she’s available to travel for her work too. Aside from being an amazing wedding photographer, Elizabeth is also the co-founder of an interactive pop-up celebrating Black hair culture called The Black Hair Experience.

Amanda Wilkins on a post-ceremony promenade with her husband.

Emilie White

Originally French, Emilie White splits her time between London and Bordeaux and has captured moments with her camera worldwide—more recently, she shot the fitting for Ivy Getty’s amazingly versatile bridal look. And OTM Bride Amanda Kay Wilkins‘s wedding even landed a spot in Monique Lhuillier’s hardbound book. White is hands down one of our favorite photographers. From capturing the right light to special candid moments, her work is true art.

LoveShackFancy founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen at her wedding in the Hamptons.

John Dolan

John Dolan is as experienced as a wedding photographer can get. He’s all about the stolen moments that make beautiful pictures and his work has a fine art feel. Back in the mid-nineties, he even founded the “I’m Proud to Be a Wedding Photographer Club.” Since then, he’s shot a number of well-known affairs, including the weddings of Kate Bosworth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, J. Lo, and LoveShackFancy founder Rebecca Hessel Cohen, and a few notable OTM Brides, like Paige Shorr and Holly Siegel. If you do decide to book Dolan, rest assured, you’ll be in good hands. And for more wedding imagery from him, be sure to check out his new book The Perfect Imperfect: The Wedding Photographs of John Dolan, which impressively covers 342 Saturdays all over the world.

Jose Villa

Based in Santa Barbara but available for destination I do’s, Jose Villa is a photographer we will keep recommending over and over again. He has a fine art approach to capturing those pure moments that only occur at weddings. Villa has been featured many times on OTM and has been chosen by famous brides like Ivy Getty, Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra, and Hailey Bieber to capture their wedding festivities.

Eunice Kennedy Shriver after her wedding ceremony.

KT Merry

With a beginning in fashion photography, KT Merry creates timeless images with an editorial eye. Along with having her work frequently featured on OTM, Merry has also lensed famous brides like Lea Michele, Kate Upton, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver and shot bridal campaigns for the likes of Monique Lhuillier. Ready to book Merry for your own special day? You’re in luck, she’s available to capture images for destination weddings nearly anywhere in the world.

Blogger Kat Tanita on her wedding day, featured on Over The Moon.

Lucy Cuneo

We Love Lucy—and you will too! It’s really no wonder she’s one of the top wedding photographers, considering she holds a Masters in Fine Art Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design—that eye was well-educated! She’s lensed some of our favorite brides: Kat Tanita, Harley Viera-NewtonJanie Pierrpont, and more. Trust Cuneo with your wedding if you are looking for glowy, romantic, candid, and joyful photographs and would love someone to capture you and your S.O. at your happiest.

OTM Bride Alana Buenrostro enjoying the first dance to Aretha Franklin’s “You Send Me.”

Mariana Pierce

Based in Mexico and California, Mariana Pierce is available for destination weddings, and we see such joy in her photos from San Miguel de Allende and other spots in her home country. She expertly has experience with weddings of all sizes, from micro-ceremonies to 900+ guests dancing all at once. How romantic is this Valentine’s Day OTM wedding?


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Matoli Keely

Combining shooting traits from documentary and fine art photography, Matoli Keely captures authentic emotion in her images. The San Diego, California-based photographer, who also has a Masters degree in biotechnology, only takes on a limited number of weddings each year, so contact her soon, if you’re interested—she also does destination events.

Newlyweds Ashley Jain and Aanand Patel enjoying champagne with their family.

Mili Ghosh

With roots in Africa, America, and Asia, Mili Ghosh uses the influences of these three continents to inspire her photography. Available to travel anywhere for destination weddings, one of our favorite weddings that we featured was Ashley Jain’s Indian micro-ceremony and adjacent events in Southern California.

OTM’s Director of Business Development Amanda Jones Vaughan poses with her 20 bridesmaids.

Olivia Rae James

Based in Charleston, S.C., Olivia Rae James’s photos capture the raw beauty in real moments. She’s also responsible for lensing another of our favorite weddings—our very own Amanda Jones Vaughan’s nuptials in Florida! Her photos just feel really authentic—and while she is willing to travel for jobs, her images also often seem to depict the essence of the Lowcountry, which we love.


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Sarah Falugo

After 14 years of photographing weddings, Sarah’s work is always mesmerizing to look at. While the native Brit may be based in Portland, Oregon, if you reserve her for your own destination wedding, have no doubt that she’ll go the distance for you. Last year, she amazed us with a two-part micro-wedding that had such a glow about it. Sarah also supports the organization Vow for Girls, which aims to end child marriage, and encourages her couples to add a donation item to their registries.

OTM Bride Kelly Vyrda and Gardner Vydra about to have their first look.

Stetten Wilson

Comprised of duo Skylar Stetten and Devin Wilson, Stetten Wilson’s wedding images are always so clean and crisp. While they’re based in Southern California, this duo can travel anywhere for your event—Devin shot his first wedding in Costa Rica! And one of our favorite OTM Weddings that they shot was Kelly Vydra’s spectacular Jackson Hole nuptials. We also know first hand that this team is so sweet and such a joy to work with.

Teny Geragos and Ashwinn Krishnaswamy soaking up their newlywed status in Los Angeles.

Twah Dougherty

With more than 11 years of experience, Twah Dougherty’s images are just like her personality—super energetic! With her background in fashion design, Doughtery always approaches her photography with design in mind. Her weddings are regularly feature on OTM—most recently Teny Geragos’s at-home nuptials Southern California. The photographer, who is based in New York and available for destination weddings, also describes herself as Type-A and wants brides to know that she’s in their corner every step of the way.

Valorie Darling

Originally from Washington, Valorie was called to the California life, where she’s currently based. With more than 150 weddings under her belt, she and her team are available to travel for destination events too. When we think of Valorie, we envision such a bubbly, sweet woman…and this spectacular wedding in Hawaii.