Links We Love: The 5 Stories We Couldn’t Help But Click On


From now on, we’re posting the articles we loved from the week, every Saturday morning. Be on the lookout!

1. Having trouble getting that perfect selfie while on vacation? This hotel actually has a butler that will help you nail the perfect Instagram shot.

2. Is it us, or did Halloween feel kind of over this year?

3. Talk about inspirational! This ten-year-old Girl Scout started an initiative to encourage girls to speak up more and raise their hands in school.

4. Our former co-worker’s wedding in Tel Aviv was completely ethereal and enchanting.

5. Ever get nervous about who you’re supposed to talk to and what you’re supposed to say at cocktail parties. This New York Times’ piece gives 10 tips for fascinating table talk at your next event. Our favorite? According to this article, Elaine Stritch once said: “Be a ‘ladylike broad’: half civilized charmer, half wisecracking bomb-thrower.” That sounds like good advice to us!