7 Things To Help You Overcome Your Royal Wedding Hangover

By Alexandra Macon

It’s over—there’s no royal wedding this weekend, and basically, nothing to look forward to anymore. (Kidding, sort of.) Thank god for the three day weekend, or we might not make it. That extra day gives us plenty of time to revisit all of the pieces of content that came out of what just may have been one of the best weekend of our lives. (Again, joking. Kinda sorta.) Here are our favorites, revisit them by the beach or the pool this weekend, and if you shed a tear, just tell people you’ve got sand in your eye.

(1) Caity Weaver’s hilarious “I Also Went to the Royal Wedding” piece in The New York Times. She may be totally shading our sappy, earnest love affair with the whole charade, but we’re cool with it. It’s that funny.

(2) If you don’t laugh out loud watching “A Bad Lip Reading” of the royal wedding, we don’t know what to tell you.

(3) Doreen St. Félix’s piece, “The Profound Presence of Doria Raglan,” in The New Yorker unpacks what we all were thinking while watching the ceremony.

(4) Vogue.com’s Brooke Bobb wrote “I Went to Prince Harry’s Favorite London Nightclub and Waved Goodbye to the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor,” where she recounts going to the tiki-themed London hotspot Mahiki and essentially pouring one out for the ultimate party boy on his wedding night.

(5) This Margo Jefferson piece in The Guardian that examines what Meghan really means longterm for the House of Windsor.

(6) Saturday Night Live’s parody of the royal wedding reception is pure Welsh gold.

(7) And, ending on a sweet note, The Kingdom Choir’s moving rendition of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” on repeat. Because it was powerful and beautiful and side note: whoever coordinated their wardrobe deserves a raise! When you watch it 17 times in a row, you notice these things!