Georgia On My Mind: A Bachelorette Guide To Sea Island

September Rinnier 21

September Rinnier, co-founder of destination shopping site Tuckernuck, got married in Italy this past weekend—and the photos and Boomerangs popping up in our Instagram feed were beyond bella. We can’t wait to feature her wedding on OTM soon! But before she jetted off to Capri to live la dolce vita, her bridesmaids feted her with a big bachelorette bash in Sea Island.

It all went down at the Sea Island Beach Club, where her bridesmaids planned everything from bike riding excursions and spa treatments to seafood dinners and a 90s themed dance party. The weekend was full-fledged, non-stop girl party complete with a cute hashtag (#ladolcevotta—one of the best we’ve come across thus far by the way!), and no detail was overlooked. Lucky for us, September walked us through a day-by-day itinerary—and now we’re already thinking about booking a spring break trip to Sea Island!

Friday Morning

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My friends surprised me with a house decorated to the nines, overflowing with confetti and excitement. From custom bachelorette labels on every bottle of water and wine in the house to monogrammed cookies and #ladolcevotta streamers, every décor detail felt so personal and special. My friend Susette had been collecting sand dollars for months and transformed them into gorgeous ornaments that we could take home with us. Each ornament featured unique elements from my save the date. Jocelyn, a bridesmaid who couldn’t make it, was there in spirit as she surprised everyone with Roberta Roller Rabbit pareos as well as Tuckernuck sunglasses and earrings.

September Rinnier 6


Friday Afternoon

September Rinnier 9

We rode bikes to the Sea Island Beach Club for lunch before lounging at the beach for the rest of the day. I can never get enough of the biscuits and fried shrimp there.

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September Rinnier 88


Friday Night

We ordered take out from Southern Soul BBQ—the barbecue is out of this world and a great dinner option for a big group after a long day on the beach. Ordering in allowed us to relax while playing the Newlywed Game on video. Fun fact: I have a side passion for bachelorette video editing, so I think my friends felt some pressure to make it good. They really blew it out of the park. My fiancé, Michael, dressed up in a wig and outfit that he swears I wear everyday (a striped shirt and Tuckernuck hat), while performing a skit of “A Day in the Life of September.” It was scary how well he could portray me. We ended the night dancing with the DJ at a local bar on St. Simons, Rafters, which was a blast.


Saturday Morning

The next morning we played tennis bright and early, which may have been a little too aggressive after a long night out so half the group ditched their racquets for breakfast biscuits at the Sea Island Market. Ha!

September Rinnier 26


Saturday Day

September Rinnier 59

We spent most of the day in the pool with Moscow Mules and by the beach where we ordered rounds of fish tacos to our lounge chairs. The service was amazing—so despite the heat, no one was ever thirsty or hungry. We had to get back to the house early to get changed because they saved the ultimate surprise of the weekend for the finale.

Saturday Night

September Rinnier 31

My friends know how much I love boats so they surprised me with a sunset cruise. We danced on the bow to “Despacito” blaring on repeat with dolphins passing by and incredible views of the coast. We had the boat to ourselves with endless appetizers and cocktails, and then we were dropped us off at The Cloister for dinner. We did a prix fixe menu at the Italian restaurant, Tavola. And then, we danced the night away at Ziggy’s in St. Simons, a tiki bar famous for its 90s hits and jello shots.

September Rinnier 58


20 Things To Eat, Drink, & See at Sea Island / St. Simons:

  1. Got a sweet tooth at 9:00 A.M.? Hit up the Fredrica Café for their cinnamon rools.
  2. Sundowners at The Lodge at Sea Island while the bagpipe plays are the perfect way to cap off a day on the beach.
  3. Ordering in? Try Sal’s Pizza takeout.
  4. Pick up breakfast sandwich biscuits from the Sea Island market.
  5. Order fried Chicken and crabsino in the Oak Room overlooking the golf course at The Lodge at Sea Island.
  6. Pick up smoothies at the gym after a tennis tournament.
  7. Order the Kir Royale from the River Bar and drink it on the dock at The Cloister while you put your name down for a table at Tavola.
  8. Go skeet shooting on the marsh.
  9. Grab a beer and play shuffle board at Brogen’s near the pier.
  10. Treat yourself to the tasting menu at the Georgian Room—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Cloister.
  11. Bike ride up Sea Island Drive to look at all of the houses.
  12. Go shopping in Redfern Village at Two Friends, Gogo Jewelry, Golden Isles Olive Oil, and Viola’s Market.
  13. Check out Gnats Landing for live music or football.
  14. Take a day trip to Cumberland Island, where JFK Jr got married. See the chapel, the wild horses, and the Carnegie estate.
  15. Go to Bingo Night at The Cloister.
  16. Book a treatment at the spa so you can enjoy the Atrium for the Day. The spa is unbelievable.
  17. Take a kayak trip on the marsh.
  18. Spend some serious time on the beach!
  19. Have dinner at Bennie’s Red Barn. Order the raccoon for desert. Don’t be surprised if the waiter serenades you after the first course.
  20. End an evening with s’mores at The Lodge.

September Rinnier 64

Photos: Courtesy of September Rinnier
Edited By: Anna Mack