Summer Trends: What Feels Fresh and New On the Wedding Circuit This Season

Post-ceremony portraits.

Ready or not, wedding season is officially in full swing. It kicked off last weekend with Pippa Middleton’s picture perfect nuptials in Berkshire, England—and now we’re moving! Don’t expect things to peter off until late August. Regardless of whether you have two or twenty weddings on your social docket this summer, you’re likely to see some repetition in terms of what’s at the forefront when it comes to trends. Whether you’re planning your own nuptials or simply curious about what’s in store for you as a guest, we got the scoop on what to expect from some of the boldest and best planners in the business. Here, Bronson Van Wyck, Marcy Blum, Sojourner Auguste, and Sara Fried share what they’re looking forward to seeing this season . . . and also reveal the things they sincerely hope will soon be retired.

What do you think will be the single biggest trend for weddings this season?

Bronson Van Wyck: Unique locations. More and more brides are stepping outside of traditional event venues and setting up in pastures, on top of buildings, or even in the middle of the woods.

Marcy Blum: Believe it or not, artful balloon installations and hanging paper lanterns of all designs are very popular at the moment.

Sojourner Auguste: Lots of foliage and florals that drape along tablescapes. Clients are loving the garden-esque, natural feel that comes with using lush foliage with pops of fully opened blooms.

Sara Fried: More relaxed bridal party attire—lots of mix and match dresses; brides are encouraging their ‘maids to choose their own shoes and jewelry instead of being all Stepford Wife matchy-matchy.

What colors will feel new and fresh this season?

Bronson: Simply more color! Always! A white wedding is beautiful, but a wedding with color is unforgettable. I love rich jewel tones like blood red, peacock blue, emerald green, rich purples, and shades of orange from a sunset. I promise they are fantastic any time of the year.

Marcy: I really love greyish pinks, ecrus, and golds. I’m designing a wedding now where the linens are in that range, and it’s going to be just gorgeous!

Sojourner: Shades of French blue! We have a very fashion forward  bride who fell in love with the idea of creating a French Country chic garden wedding. We’re using french blue pattern vases and urns, which will have lush white florals and (of course) lots of foliage.

Sara: Dusty blue is my obsession right now . . . I cannot wait to do a wedding around this color! Also, pink and green is back with a preppy vengeance.

Be honest—what trend would you like to see go away entirely?

Bronson: I’d like to see oversize flower pomanders (flower balls, to be frank) just roll on off the cliff. They feel forced and showy, and also obstruct guests’ view. The only thing you should see across the table is a new friend in the glow of candlelight.

Marcy: I could do away with some of the trends associated with an after-party. Unless your late night party starts in the wee hours, it makes no sense to serve burgers if you just finished dinner.  I’m also not a fan of poorly mixed, overly alcoholic signature drinks.

Sara: I’m over anything that you feel you “have” to do. Take some time to go over all your line items with your fiancé and talk about what the most important priorities for both of you are. What are you going to remember the most? If you can’t afford wedding favors that your guests will appreciate, nix them, and make a donation in honor of your guests to your favorite charity instead; you can add this note on a sign or the menu card for no extra cost.

Photographed by: Olivia Rae James
Written By: Casey Sharbaugh