The 23 Essential Cookware Tools Every Registry Should Have

By Madeleine Luckel

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the siren call of big-ticket wedding registry items. After all, there’s an undeniable aesthetic appeal to that Dutch oven you can perfectly picture on your stove, or the blue and white china you’ve always, somewhat irrationally. However, beyond the pots and the pans and the dinnerware, there’s another important category that every kitchen-focused registry should include: cookware tools. These small heroes of everyday tasks not only work wonders with most recipes, but they’re also a welcome sight to many a wedding guest. You see, despite the fact that you may not have always dreamed of your ideal garlic press or can opener, these gadgets are affordable gifts, as well as easy add-ons to any medium-sized purchase. Registering for kitchen tools is also an opportunity to finally get high-quality items that actually work (a good set of knives! A wine opener that won’t break!) Need we say more? For some guidance, below, we’ve rounded up 23 essential cookware tools that every registry should have.