10 Memorable and Insta-Worthy Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids

By Madeleine Luckel

In the midst of Instagram’s continuously evolving trends, one wedding-related genre of late has caught our attention: the bridesmaid proposal pic. This category of content takes place when a bride-to-be coopts the proposal concept in order to ask friends and family members to become a part of her bridal party. And while a simple in-person conversation still does the trick to secure a verbal commitment, it’s just not as photogenic, or Insta-worthy, as some of the more aesthetically-focused ideas out there. Below, we round up twelve of the best ways to propose to your bridesmaids, in order to kick start your brainstorming process.

Get your question across in the simplest way possible.
First things first: You don’t have to plan an elaborate proposal to get your point across. Packaging the question in a cute and tangible way can make for an adorable image, without breaking the bank. Our suggestion? Throw in some confetti and make it a party.



Give an appropriately-themed card.
Nothing beats a heart-felt hand-written note. Except maybe a well-selected piece of stationery, that’s geared towards this specific, happy, occasion.


Order bottles of wine with customized labels.
No one can complain about getting a bottle of wine, especially those people who are about embark upon the lengthy wedding planning process with you. And while picking up a couple bottles of rosé at your local liquor store can feel like a cop out, a personalized bottle is just the opposite.



Bake (beautiful) cookies for your future bridesmaids.
We’re not talking about your average chocolate chip cookies, we’re talking about beautiful confections that will make your friends’s eyes pop. Can’t bake? Don’t worry, you can always place a special order at your favorite local bakery.


Put together a gift basket.
Get your message across by printing your bridesmaid proposal outside of a gift basket filled with goodies you know they’ll love.



Give them a universally appealing, and wedding-appropriate, gift.
For instance, Essie’s nail polish in Ballet Slippers is a color that the majority of women love and is also a great neutral for bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day.


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Have a candle inscribed with a special message.
Yet another personalized gift option is the age-old candle. However, going the extra mile and giving them a Diptyque candle will show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate the time and money you are asking them to put into your wedding, too.



Give a piece of  jewelry.
Jewelry, and specifically earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that feature a knot motif are a tempting option. Why? They have just the right amount of pun, and just the right amount of neutral wearability.



When in doubt, consider flowers.
A beautiful bouquet, regardless of whether it comes with an enclosed message, is a universal crowd-pleaser. After all, who doesn’t love to get flowers!



A nice meal with a small surprise gift also does the trick.
At the end of the day, the best thing you can do with your bridesmaid proposals is to make it into a meaningful experience for your loved ones. Ask your best friends to lunch (as long as it doesn’t take up too much of their time), and slip a monogrammed luggage tag onto each of their plates.