The 3 Things Everyone Should Have on Their Registry According to the Founders of Fete Home

By Ariel Okin

Once you’ve said “yes!” and enjoyed the requisite glass (or three) of champagne, then the real fun begins: building your registry. But it’s easy for a new bride or groom to become overwhelmed at the mere thought of filling out this complicated, sometimes antiquated behemoth: What do you need? What will you actually use? Where to begin?

Luckily, Fete Home has some answers. Founded by two Bunny Williams Home alums, Audrey Margarite and Jennifer Potter, Fete’s ever-updating collections contain the essentials for entertaining—dinnerware, flatware, glasses, candlesticks, vases and linens; plus coordinating pillows, throws and home accessories.

The duo bring a wealth of knowledge to both the registry process and the homeware department. Margarite, an architect by training, spent 12 years working for Bunny Williams, most recently as the Creative Director for Bunny Williams Home, where she oversaw product development and vendor relationships. Potter spent ten years in financial services until she joined Bunny Williams in 2008, where she spent the next ten years, most recently as CEO.

Below, the two sat down with Over The Moon to discuss the basics, the necessities, and the three things everyone should have on their registries—plus indulged us in a bit of nostalgia, each remembering their favorite memories from their own weddings.

What is your take on the registry as a whole? Necessary or dated?
A wedding registry is a necessary evil. Your guests will buy you gifts regardless. You might as well let them know what you’d love!

How can modern day brides update their registries?
We suggest thinking less about “wedding china” and more about what you’ll use every day. No matter how expensive, presents that just sit in your cabinets are worthless. We want you to love your home and realize how easy it is to invite people over if you have chic, but realistic items with which to entertain. A modern day bride should focus on flatware and dinner plates that are dishwasher safe, table linens in punchy patterns and accessories that can multitask on your table or around your home.

What are three great pieces to always have on your registry?
We think it’s smart to register for a great looking cheeseboard, small bowls, and a pair of pretty candlesticks or hurricanes. Especially when you are younger, you may not throw dinner parties, but it is easy to invite friends and family over for drinks and nibbles.

What is something from your own registries that you still use to this day?
Audrey: So much! My Le Creuset bakeware and Reed & Barton everyday flatware.

Jen: I’m not a great cook, but I enjoy cooking, and basic tools are everything. I love my Wüsthof knife set and I use my Le Creuset stew pot for eggs, chili, sauce and decoration in my kitchen…it’s a brilliant turquoise that I adore.

What is something you wish you had registered for?
Audrey: When I registered, I didn’t know any better, and I signed up for white wine, red wine, and champagne flutes with very long stems. I have never used them. I find thicker stemmed or stemless glasses much more comfortable and less prone to spillage.

Jen: A few different sets of glasses. When having guests over, it is so fun to be able to pull something different out of your cabinets and glasses have always been a difficult thing for me to buy for no reason. Having a slightly different shape or color makes entertaining more festive and breaks from the norm.

How do you see an OTM bride using Fete Home for their own registry?
We introduce collections in specific looks, such as the Minimalist collection, the Chinoiserie collection and the Bohemian collection. We’ve curated these looks taking the work out of the process for brides. If they like one thing, chances are they will connect with the entire collection.

Tell us a bit about your own weddings. Any favorite anecdotes?
Audrey: I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary to my high school sweetheart. Our wedding took place at Tappan Hill Mansion in Westchester. We had 175 guests and an abundance of food (the guests still talk about this!). We gave guests go-cups of hot cocoa as they left.

Jen: My husband and I met a bit later in life and did everything in reverse. Had two kids, went on a honeymoon, got engaged and finally did end up walking down the aisle. Our aisle was a beach, our 20 guests were family and closest friends, our feet were bare and my two-and-a-half-year-old son walked me down the aisle. For us, it was absolute perfection.