Bedroom Inspiration From Your Favorite Films to Get Your Best Beauty Night’s Sleep for Daylight Savings

By Anny Choi

Instead of splurging on dinners out and the season’s latest handbag, we’ve spent the last few months at home with home cooked meals and sweatpants. So how about treating yourself to a little bedroom overhaul in celebration of daylight savings this weekend? Gaining an hour in your busy schedule during normal times would call for a celebration. This year, while the days are starting to blend, and March feels like just last month, bring a little joy into your home with silk pillows, new bed frames and more.

We’ve pulled inspiration from some of the best bedrooms in movies, from Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier to the eclectic style of Amelie’s iconic red bedroom. Whether you’re channeling Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette in a corset nightgown and a butler stand, or Tae Ri Kim and Min Hee Kim in The Handmaiden in a luxurious silk robe, make your bedroom a sanctuary to distinguish “work” from “home.” Here, 31 pieces for the bedroom in celebration of an extra hour in bed:

Hotel Chevalier

Marie Antoinette


The Handmaiden

You’ve Got Mail