Clueless On What to Get the Couple Who Has Everything? Leave It To Bisette!

By Alexandra Macon

Dallas-based Luelle & June lifestyle blogger Bradley Agather knows a thing or two about what makes for a good gift. Her colorful, preppy style is chic, practical, and while at times aspirational, it always feels very accessible. When clicking through her IG Stories, we find ourselves constantly swiping up for product source info because this mom-to-be (she’s due with a baby boy in October) clearly has a black belt in shopping. Lucky for us, she’s just recently teamed up with Ralph Lauren and Van Wyck alum Eden Delaune to launch Bisette, a.k.a. the quiet authority on creative gifting solutions. Together, the two advise and assist on everything from wedding registry curation to corporate presents and meaningful personal gifts. Headed to a fall wedding in the next couple of months and clueless as to what to give the couple who seems like they have everything? Leave it to these ladies! Trying to map out your registry but have no idea where to start. These women have got you covered!

They can come up with everything from a custom tabletop design, helping select china, crystal, dinnerware, and more—ensuring it’s everything you ever wanted and something you’ll love for years to come. Remember, this is the one time your life when everyone is buying gifts for you, so it’s important to make sure you get the registry right. You don’t want to find yourself, years later, rueing the day you ever registered for a that dinner plate pattern that just isn’t really you.

To give a small taste as to just how savvy their selection skills are, we asked them to pull their favorite wedding gifts at various price points. Whether it’s suggesting and assisting you with stocking the newlyweds’ bar cart by picking vintages or locations that are meaningful to the couple, milestone years in their relationship, or special places that they’ve traveled to and having them hand calligraphed in a wine tasting set or pairing silver knives with a luxe cheese of the month club, the options, when you work with Bisette, are endless—yet always feel extra special.

Scroll through the below to check out what they’re loving right now—and check out Bisette for more because before you know it, Christmas will be right around the corner!

Under $100

Looking for a small something to bring along to an engagement party. These ideas are much more than just sweet nothings. We’re particularly partial to the Paravel packing cubes in hot pink.


Under $175

Have a million weddings this season and not sure how you’re going to pay for it all? This is your round-up! The selections in the slideshow below are solid gifting solutions when you’ve got a lot of gifting to do and don’t want to rack up credit card debt to do it.

Under $250

Helping a friend feather their nest is one of the best parts of giving wedding gifts. These off-registry items universally chic and utilitarian.

Under $750

Tumbler and hand-embroidered topiary napkins are always a good idea. Scroll through the below for gift ideas that are surprising (see: ceramic potato bowls) and necessary (Away luggage).

Under $1,000

The couple who looks like they have it all on IG Stories is always the hardest to shop for. Bisette has taken the guesswork out of gifting for these rarefied few with the below roundup.