Dress Code Deciphered: What To Wear To A Fall Wedding

Fall Wedding Collage

Spring and summer have always been considered the official “wedding seasons,” but it’s time we start paying some serious attention to fall, too. After all, the picturesque changing of the leaves and that crisp autumnal air can create just as magical of a setting for a wedding as any beachfront ceremony or garden celebration.

But while it’s easy as apple pie to throw on a slip dress and some stilettos for a summer fling, figuring out what exactly to wear to a fall wedding is often a bit trickier. Are open toe shoes appropriate for an outdoor ceremony? Are tights a requirement with a cocktail dress? Should you opt for a jacket or a long-sleeved dress? The truth is: there are no right answers—these days anything goes as long as it looks good! In fact, fall is a great time to experiment with bolder colors, warmer textures, like velvet, and foliage-inspired prints. (Also, our word of advice: jumpsuits are your friend.) Below, we styled four looks for you to consider for all those upcoming fall weddings on your calendar this season.