Why The Locket Is Pulling At Our Heartstrings This Fall

By Anna Mack


We’ve got locket envy! Ever since we saw Traditional Home editor Tori Mellott’s neck covered in strands of gold charms at a birthday party, we can’t get enough of this old school trend and have been on the hunt for the perfect pendant to wear through the holidays.

Our favorite thing about these timeless pieces is their history—they stand for love and storytelling and almost always symbolize something special to the owner. One of the earliest examples of the locket was Queen Elizabeth I’s locket ring. Dating back to 1575, the precious ring contained a portrait of herself on one side and her mother, Anne Boleyn, on the other—she is said to have never taken it off until the day she died. Throughout British royal history, lockets have paid homage to passed loved ones or they have been given to significant others to protect them against evil and danger. (No wonder we love them!)

Fast forward to 2017, and this sentimental jewelry piece has yet to go out of style. Lockets are now worn on pendants, charm bracelets, or—if you can’t pick your favorite—layered on top of one another à la Carrie Bradshaw. Charleston-based tassel earring designer Hart Hagerty has perfected her stack in the picture above. She’s selling some styles in this photo through her website now—check out the slideshow below for those and many more, they’d make the perfect gift for a m.o.b. or m.o.h.!

Written By: Anna Mack